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nautical wedding guest books

PERFECT nautical wedding guest books BRIDES + GROOMS WILL DELIGHT IN

A Marriage ceremony is a wonderful festivity that one would want to last a lifetime. Today one can not isolated by way of pictures & videos but w/ palpable nautical wedding guest books. There is no better way to associate w/ ones RSVPs, than through the written word.

A family members diary account, b-day cards, & even love notes, endure to be what will stand the struggles of time. At the hand of Basic Invites wedding guest books, you'll be able to hold the text of their loved ones for generations to come. What more exceptional way to begin a wedding ceremony or reception than directly through the composed word?



The couple can always take back home the guest book, and cling to their families words now generations to come to pass!


At a few events, single celebrants may want to maintain engaged, & even sometimes removed from jabber; help your RSVPs share in the festivities by means of giving your friends + family the choice to engage in jotting in ones customized wedding guest book!


Wedding guest books have been around for hundreds of years to let family + friends verify of the reality of the union; keep this practice alive & add your contemporary twist!

What Our Customers Have to Say About Our Personalized Wedding Coasters

Beautiful Review by Amanda

We've used the Antique Elegance collection for our wedding invites, and now our wedding programs. They looked beautiful and were so easy to customize. We had enough room to include the important names (priest, parents, wedding party, ring bearer) on the front, and all of the readings, in memory, and thank you sections on the back. Since this site is so easy to customize, we were able to add and remove text boxes and make the font exactly what we wanted! loved the final product. Beautiful and great quality!

A Forever Keepsake Review by Marcy

To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of save-the-dates because they tend to cost a lot of money and the majority of people just throw them away once the actual invitation arrives. The magnet allows recipients to keep your save-the-date for a long period of time, and they can place it on their fridge as a constant reminder. Not to mention, the price is great! (I ordered a sample before placing my large order, which came with a 20% off coupon code) With this specific invite, I was able to customize it by adding a picture of our engagement, without really drawing too much attention away from the minor wedding details written below.

everything turned out great! Easy to design and make it my own. Review by Lacey

everything turned out great! Easy to design and make it my own.

Love them! Review by Allison

I was pretty set on having gold foil invitations, despite the increased cost compared to non-foil. While these invitations may have even been a little more than other comparable vendors, the ability to easily customize each color, font, where the foil was, etc., plus the free envelope addressing made these so worth it. I expected there could potentially be some color differences between my screen and the delivered product, but the colors were exactly as I expected. Delivery was pretty quick as well. Very happy!