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Wedding Invitation Grammar Tips

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Numerals may be used for street addresses but should be spelled out in dates.


Wedding invitations do not require punctuation at the ends of lines (commas, periods, colons, etc.). Commas should still be used within lines to separate the day of the week from the day of the month. In addresses, commas should still be used to separate the city from the state.


It is not proper to use abbreviations on the invitation. Either spell it out or leave it out. In the case of middle names, they should always be spelled out. If you do not wish to spell them out they should be omitted. This holds true if the middle name is an initial. Titles should also be spelled out, though "doctor" may be abbreviated as Dr. with long names, as is the case with "junior".


Only proper nouns should be capitalized on the invitation. It is also common for the first letter of the date to be capitalized, though it is not necessary. One exception to this rule is when beginning a new sentence or thought, as in, "Reception to follow".