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Thank You Card Wording FAQ

The wedding day has come and gone, now it’s time to send out your thank you cards. Thank you cards are an important component of the wedding they are a way to express your gratefulness towards your friends and family. So if you’re not sure where to start find the answers to your questions below, for the proper thank you card etiquette.

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Thank You Card FAQ

1. Who do I send a Thank You Card to?

There are a number of reasons to send out a thank you card to someone. A thank you card should be sent to:
• Anyone who gives you an engagement gift, wedding shower gift and wedding gift
• Anyone who gives you a monetary gift
• Everyone who attended the wedding
• Anyone who hosted a party or shower for you
• The entire wedding party and all who were a part of the wedding planning process
• Suppliers and vendors (coordinators, event venue, DJs, florists etc)
• And always Mom and Dad, what would you do without them!

2. What kind of stationery should I use to send a Thank You Card?

It's best to try to avoid fill in the blank cards, emails, or a generic mass thank you. The most heart felt thank you’s should be sent as a hand written in a card in the mail. This shows that you took the time to express your thanks for the thoughtfulness of someone else.

3. How detailed do I need to be when writing a Thank You Card?

It’s always best to be short, sweet and too the point. Writing from the heart and mentioning what exactly you’re thankful for is the best way to say thanks. Did something funny happen or did something small go wrong? Include it in your thank you can add some humor. Writing a thank you card should be meaningful and include your gratitude towards the person you are addressing.

4. What is the proper way to write a Thank You Card?

Begin with the salutation with the name(s) of your guest(s). Next include your thankfulness and include what you are sending the thank you not for (attending the wedding, giving a gift, throwing a shower). If the person gave you a gift, let them know what do you intend to do with it. Lastly, end with a personal note. An example of this reads as:

Dear Amanda and Jason,
We cannot express how thankful we are for you both being a part of our special day!
We are so glad you could attend the wedding and are so grateful for the new pots and pans.
We can’t wait to get cooking in the kitchen!

We hope to have you over soon for dinner, we promise we wont burn your food!

Ben & Katie

5. When do I mail out my Thank You Cards?

If you receive a gift before the wedding, a thank you card should be mailed to them within 2 – 3 weeks. All of the remaining thank you’s should be mailed out within 3 months of the wedding day.

6. How do I address my cards?

When labeling the outer envelope of the thank you card to an individual, begin with Mr. or Ms. then their name. For families, address the envelope to “Mr. and Mrs.” As a helpful tip, start addressing your thank you card envelopes when you begin to receive your response cards of the names of the guests attending.