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Response Card with M. Lines

Not sure what to say in your response card. There are many unique ways to create your reply cards. Listed below are a variety of wording examples to use in your RSVP card, mix and match or come up with your own creative wording. Use wording that fits your theme and style for your big day.

Once you have decided on what to say, shop our collection of Response cards. Our RSVP cards are fully customizable from the wording to the design.

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Response Card Wording Samples 

Response Card - Wording 1

Response Card - Wording 2

We have reserved two seats in your honor


_____ Accepts with pleasure
_____ Regretfully declines

Please respond by June 1, 2016

We look forward to celebrating with you
Please reply by May 29, 2016


_____ Excited to dine and dance
_____ Number of persons
_____ Have to miss the fun

Response Card - Wording 3

Response Card - Wording 4

Please respond by November 10, 2016


_____ Can’t wait to celebrate
_____ Will celebrate from a far


I promise to dance if you play:________________________


The favour of your reply is requested
before the sixth of July


_____Will be attending
_____Not able to attend

Message to the bride and groom: ___________________

Response Card - Wording 5

Response Card - Wording 6

Please respond by August 25, 2017
We hope you can make it!


_____ Yes! We’ll be there.

_____ We will be there in Spirit!

Say “we do” and kindly respond by the tenth of April


______ We’ll help make your day complete
______ Number of persons
______ We’re unable, but hope your day is sweet