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Reception Place Cards and Escort Cards

Escort Cards vs. Place Cards…While they both serve the same purpose these are two separate items. Read on to see, which fits your wedding reception best. Luckily for you, our Love vs Design place cards can be designed for both purposes!

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Reception Place Cards and Escort Cards

Escort cards should be used as a guide to direct guests to their designated table. By writing the table number on each card, each guest will know their place. This is your chance to have some fun by getting creative with the way you display the cards at the entrance to your reception. You can choose to tie them into a fun wedding theme display or you can always keep it simple and classy. Whichever route you choose, your guests will appreciate the thought and effort you took to make them feel welcome!

Place cards may be used if you decide to use a seating chart instead of the escort cards. With the seating chart displayed for your guests to find their seat. Once a guest knows which table they are at, you can have place cards (a folded card with the guest name on them) to designate their appropriate seat at the table. For those who choose to use Escort cards, you may also choose to have place cards set at the table as well. Place cards can be very simple or you can make it a little more formal by having a calligrapher write out the names.