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Engagement Party Details

He asked and you said…YES!! The word will get around quickly, especially with the way our social network is these days; Don’t let that stop you from shouting out the news by making a formal announcement at an engagement party.

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Engagement Party Details

With the number of loved ones who are excited to celebrate with you, there is no limit to how many engagement parties you can have, however, as a rule of thumb the kick off should start with the the tradition of the brides parents being the first to celebrate the announcement.

How formal or informal can be left up to you, it can be anything from a casual backyard bbq to an evening cocktail party. Timing for the party should happen fairly soon after the engagement and remember that the guest invited to the shower should also be invited to the wedding as well. Usually this party can be more intimate with a group of both the bride and grooms family and their closest friends.

At the engagement party be sure there is have enough time to mingle with your guests, as they are there to wish you well and celebrate. The toasts of the night will start with the host of the evening, followed by the groom and you'll also have a chance to toast and thank the nights hosts.

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