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Enclosure Card Wording FAQ

Enclosure cards are a part of the wedding invitation that provide your guests with all the other specific details of the wedding. These can include direction cards, RSVP cards, accommodations cards, ceremony cards, or registry cards. If you’re not sure how to word your enclosure cards look no further. We have answered most of the questions, you may be uncertain of.

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Enclosure Card Wording FAQ

1. Why include an Enclosure Card?

When there’s a lot going on for the wedding day, enclosure cards provide additional information and details. That way you don’t crowd your wedding invitation with too much information. The invitations should only consist of wedding ceremony details, while as the enclosures cards can take care of the rest.

2. What details to use in an enclosure cards?

Enclosure cards provide for the extra details for your wedding celebration. Information on enclosure cards can included:

• Transportation details such as having a shuttle take your guest from either the hotel to ceremony or ceremony to reception.
• Nearby Hotels for you out of town guests to stay at.
• Map/Directions that include the address to each of your wedding locations.
• Reception information if the event is located at a different venue from the wedding ceremony
• Wedding events such as rehearsal dinners or a BBQ gathering before the wedding day or a post brunch.
• Attire/dress code if you are having a black tie ceremony or need to inform your guest to wear shoes appropriate for sand at a beach, etc.
• Website information to direct your guests to find more information about your special day.

3. What to say about provided transportation?

Whether you have a large number of out-of town guests attending the wedding, or you choose to provide transportation anyway. Inform your friends and family to where you are providing the transportation, whether it is from a hotel to the ceremony, hotel to ceremony and reception, or ceremony to reception. Be sure to give specific details, including the time the transportation is leaving, where from, and the location it will arrive to. Some examples are:

Transportation will be provided to and from the wedding ceremony and reception from the Bristol hotel.
Shuttles will depart from the hotel lobby 45 minutes prior to each event and return every half-hour beginning at 8pm.

Transportation Service
Shuttles will leave The Huntley Hotel at 3:15pm to the Wedding Ceremony at Pleasant Drive Vineyard.
Following the reception, shuttles will return at 10:00pm.

Transportation will be provided from the ceremony to the reception.
Shuttles will depart immediately following the wedding ceremony.

Transportation to and from the ceremony and reception will be provided for guests staying at the Lexington Hotel.
Please return this card with your RSVP if you plan on utilizing the shuttle. Thank you.

Transportation schedule
Pick-up to the Ceremony - Regency Hotel 3:00pm and Boardwalk Resort 3:20pm
Pick-up to the hotels - Rexburg Gardens 8:00pm

4. What information should we include if we want to mention nearby hotels, for our guests?

Be sure to include the name, address and phone number of the hotel or hotels. You may choose to include the hotel website as well. Also if you have made a group rate with the hotel, inform your guests how they can receive the discount when they book their hotel rooms. Lastly, Include a date in which, reservations should be made.

5. What to include in a map & directions card?

For a directions card, include the complete address of the venue or location, then write out the step-by-step driving directions for your guest to follow. Make sure that no matter the direction your guests are traveling from they will be able to easily understand your directions and make it on time. You may choose to include two sets of directions for guests coming from the east and guest driving from the west, for example.

If you choose to include a paper map, it is a great way to inform your guests of the surrounding neighborhood, especially helpful for your out of town family and friends. You may want to include great restaurants, hotels to stay at, shopping centers, or any other places that interest you.

6. Do I need to include the street address of the wedding ceremony on the invitation as well as a directions card?

It is a bit redundant, so it is not necessary to include the street address on both the invitation and directions and map card. Keep the name of the venue on the wedding invitation, and then provide the street address on the directions card.

7. What to include in a reception card?

If you plan on having your wedding reception in a different location from the ceremony, a reception card will help give your guests the information they need in order to attend. First include the name of the venue and address. Then inform your guests when the reception is, whether you state a time, or write, “immediately following the ceremony.” Lastly add any important details your guests may need to know about the reception, for example if they must park in a certain location, or if there will be cocktails and hor d’oeuvres, etc.

8. How do we inform guests of other wedding events?

If you have planned extra events for your guests to attend such as a welcome dinner, rehearsal dinner, a round of golf, or a post-wedding brunch, including this information in an enclosure card, can keep the guest tuned in on the celebrations going on during the wedding weekend. Be sure to include the day and time of the event and what the activity is. Also add the address of each event. Include a date and RSVP information.

9. How do we let guest know what to wear?

Including an attire card, can be helpful information to advise your guests on what to wear. Some commonly used wedding attire is, Black Tie(tuxedos for men and formal gowns for women), Formal(suit and tie for men and dresses for women), Semi-Formal (suit and tie for men and cocktail dresses for women),and Cocktail Attire (suits for men and party dresses for women.). Although you may not be able to make your guest wear specific attire it’s always best to offer encouragement, if your wedding is outdoors and on a lawn, it nice to inform your guests to wear shoes appropriate for the lawn. Let your guests know to wear something that matches the theme of the wedding such as country, garden, beach, etc. There are many ways to inform your guest what to wear in a fun and lighthearted way:

• Put on your cowboy boots, and get read for some 2 stepping fun
• Our wedding will take place over the ocean, be sure to bring a sweater to keep warm from the cool sea breeze.
• The ceremony & reception will be on the lawn, please choose your footwear accordingly.

10. Should I including our wedding website?

An enclosure card can also be used to let your guests know about your wedding website. Doing so allows you to inform your guests about all sorts of information they might have questions on such as your wedding registry, local activities, hotels so on and so forth. Below is an example of what to write on the enclosure to direct your guests to your website:

If you are curious about the following…
-How Jason proposed
-The dating life of Jason and Cindy
-Who is in the Bridal Party
-What’s on the menu at the Reception
-Pictures of the venue

 Visit our wedding website for more on our special day: