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Bridal Shower Host Planning

Now a days a bridal shower can be thrown by anyone from a sister to an aunt or bridesmaid to a coworker. However, typically, the Maid of Honor or a group of close friends or bridesmaids will usually host the event.

Are you in charge of your friends shower and not sure where to start? No worries below are helpful planning tips on how to be the perfect host and make sure the Bride to be has a great time!

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Bridal Shower Host Planning

Pick a date: We can’t have a shower, without the Bride there, right? Showers are usually held anywhere from a couple months to a couple weeks before the big day. Be sure to check in with the bride to see what dates are available in her schedule so that you can plan accordingly.

Pick a Theme & plan it out: Decide what type of shower you would like to hold. Weather it be an afternoon tea at a restaurant, a garden party at a home or an evening soiree, the possibilities are endless. Once you have chosen the theme, then you and your other co-hosts can set up schedule to brainstorm the menu, decorations and budget so you can assign each person with a tasks so that everyone will know their part for the day. *Helpful tip - check out our free printables section for DIY items such as drink flags, cake flags, place cards and more, we're sure  
will come in handy when planning a bridal shower.*

Guest list & Invitations: Those who are invited to the shower should also be invited to the wedding. It’s okay to ask the bride to help with the guest list or you can also check in with the Mother of the Bride. Invitations should go out to guests 4-6 weeks in advance, especially if inviting guests who are not local. The style of invitations can reflect the theme of the party and can be anywhere from casual or elegant. The choice is yours as the host!

Shower Gifts: Be sure that the Bride & Groom are already registered prior to the shower as it is acceptable to provide this information on the bridal shower invitations

One thing is for sure, the bride will be grateful for the wonderful people she has surrounding her that day to celebrate her new adventure. Shop our Basic Invite Bridal Shower and Wedding Shower Invitations for your Bride. These are inspired by a variety of mediums which span both modern and vintage to fit any theme and will make a lasting impression on your guests.