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How It Works - Printables

What is a Printable?

  • A printable is a ready to print PDF file that can be downloaded for a small fee or for free.
  • This file can be printed instantly at home or with a professional print shop or online printer.
  • To keep the prices low we are unable to customize our printables for you.
  • The colors, fonts and size of our printables can not be changed.
  • The wording of our printables can not be changed, unless the product description includes 'editable'. You can then edit specified fields on your own in Adobe Acrobat.

How to purchase a printable?

  1. Click ADD TO CART
  2. Click CART (right top)
  3. Click CHECK OUT
  4. Fill out details, click CONTINUE
  5. Fill out Payment method
  6. Complete order
  7. Click DOWNLOAD PURCHASES or click download link in confirmation email.

Instructions for personalizing the wording

(** only possible if product description includes 'editable'.)

  1. Save the PDF file onto your computer.
  2. Right click on the file and open it with Adobe Acrobat. If you do not already have this program, download it for free at Using other programs may cause issues typing your wording and saving the file, it could also alter the design and colors.
  3. Type your wording in the blank fields in this file.
  4. When you've finished typing your wording, save your PDF file and name it.

Instructions for home printing

One of the most convenient and quick options is to print your PDF from home.

  1. Check what the maximum paper thickness is for your printer model. Be aware, paper that’s too thick could jam and damage print heads.
  2. Visit a paper store or office supply store to view and purchase your 8.5” x 11” or A4 cardstock.
  3. In your print settings, make sure in the ‘Size Options’ section ‘Actual size’ is selected. Make sure to set your print settings with the correct paper type and the correct quality mode. Colors tend to vary depending on your monitor, printer and cardstock.
  4. If there is a backside to your printable, print 1 side first, then put the printed page back into your printer to print the other side next.
  5. If needed, trim your printables with an X-acto knife or use a paper cutter for best results. Scissors can also work. If you have a large quantity to trim, many local copy shops have paper cutters or offer affordable bulk cutting rates.

Instructions for printing at an (online) print shop

If you do not have a home printer or you need to print a large quantity, (online) print shops can be the most cost effective option. They provide many paper options, cutting and their printing quality can be a lot nicer than a home printer. You can either visit a print shop or you can upload your file directly online to some of the bigger print shops (such as FedEx Office, Staples, Vistaprint).

Terms of use

This artwork is for personal, non-commercial use only. You cannot sublicense, resell, share, transfer, or redistribute in any other way. You may find more information in our terms of use.

What paper should I use?

Check what the maximum paper thickness is for your printer model, this is usually between 60-80 lb cardstock. If you can’t find this info in the printer manual, contact your manufacturer. Be aware: paper that’s too thick could jam and damage print heads.

I can't save my editable printable, what's wrong?

Most probably you didn't open your printable in Adobe Acrobat. If you double clicked on the PDF file, it often opens in your web browser or in preview, this doesn't let you save. Open the file in Adobe Acrobat. If you do not already have this program, you can download it for free at

Can I post about your printables on my blog / website?

Sure! We love seeing our designs pop up on different blogs and sites. You are welcome to post about us, but please be sure to credit us in your blog or website and link to the product page, not directly to the PDF file. We also love seeing our work on Pinterest, so if you’d like to pin any of our designs, feel free to pin away!

More details can be found in our FAQ