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Hanukkah Wording

Hanukkah is here once again! Stuck on what wording to use in your Hanukkah card? We are here to help. We have provided some Hanukkah wording examples below, which we are sure you will be able to draw some inspiration from and create the perfect expression to use in your Holiday Card.

Once you have found the perfect wording for you Hanukkah cards, shop our collection of Holiday cards in a variety of fun, festive styles. All the text on our Holiday Cards can be fully personalized.

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Hanukkah Card Wording Samples

Hanukkah Card Wording 1

May the warmth and glow of each candle you light
make your heart and home happy and Hanukkah bright!

The Amsler Family

Hanukkah Card Wording 2

Warmest Wishes for a Happy Hanukkah
and a Happy New Year!

Christina & Braden Lempert

Hanukkah Card Wording 3

May the brightness of the Hanukkah candles
continue to burn in your life throughout the New Year!

Taylor, Stacey, Bradley & Catherine Sklar

Hanukkah Card Wording 4

Many wishes for a Happy Hanukkah
and wonderful New Year!

Nathaniel & April Metz

Hanukkah Card Wording 5

As you celebrate the Festival of Lights, may your
home be bright with happiness and love.
Best wishes at Hanukkah!

Suzanne & Ivan Goldstein

Hanukkah Card Wording 6

Wishing you peace, joy and love
this Hanukkah holiday!

Ian, Jenna, Evan & Jessica Boretz

Hanukkah Card Wording 7

Colorful candles burning bright,
each one lit on eight special nights.
Happy Hanukkah!

Maggie & Everett Fink

Hanukkah Card Wording 8

At Hanukkah as you light each candle,
May it shed the rays of light,
hope and promise on you and your family.

Happy Hanukkah!

Jacob, Katherine & Brittany Abrahm

Hanukkah Card Wording 9

Hoping your Hanukkah’s warm and bright –
night after night after night!

The Bodenstein Family

Hanukkah Card Wording 10

May the miracle of the festival of lights bring blessings
to you and your family now and in the New Year!

Alana & Benjamin Greenberg

Hanukkah Card Wording 11

Light the candles, spin the dreidel,
Hanukkah is here,
may your holiday bring joy and happiness!

The Hartwig Family

Hanukkah Card Wording 12

Wishing you a joy-filled Hanukkah season!

The Teller Family

Hanukkah Card Wording 13

Hanukkah is here!
Candles rekindled, faith renewed,
and tradition preserved!
May you find meaning in the season
and peace in your heart.

Kylie and Adam Hughes

Hanukkah Card Wording 14

Have a joyous Hanukkah!

Spencer, Emily, Elise & Aria Brody

Hanukkah Card Wording 15

Wishing your festival lights up with love,
laughter and happiness! Happy Hanukkah!

The Dorner Family

Hanukkah Card Wording 16

Eat, drink and be merry,
may your holidays be filled
with fun and good cheer!

Kylie and Adam Hughes