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Gilded Frame Wedding Stickers

Gilded Frame Wedding Stickers

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june 6th, 2019


  • All foil elements have been removed from the card.
  • Our flat foil has an irresistible metallic shine, with a smooth flat finish. Amazingly durable, our foil won't flake, chip, or scratch.
  • Our metallic foil with an added three-dimensional, raised, effect. A luxurious and tactile option that elevates your invitation to the next level.


Our Gilded Frame Stickers utilize the same gorgeous design and color scheme as several other cards in the Gilded Frame wedding suite. A rich-black background with bright-white and easy to read typography takes center stage. It is framed with rose gold laurel leaves that bring everything together to create a romantic feel. They are your perfect multi-use seal, use them to seal envelopes, decorate stationery, and even as a mementos of your big day.

Product Size 2" x 2"
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