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Selecting the Perfect Wedding Colors

We have 168 different colors for you to select from. They can be used on any card, on any card element, in limitless combinations. You are able to order a free custom sample from us and see your chosen colors as well as all of these colors printed.

Use these great colors on any card

For most, you already have a color in mind; such as a favorite color carried over from childhood. There are no hard-fast rules when it comes to selecting your wedding colors. Start with what you like, and the rest will fall in to place. You may also find it useful to make a color inspiration or mood board.

Generally you’ll want to start by selecting your primary color and then choose 1-2 additional accent colors. While you can select more, it becomes more difficult to create a cohesive look. Using a color wheel and one of these three scheme patterns will help to ensure you pair colors that work well together.


Analogous wedding color wheel


Monochromatic wedding color wheel


Complementary wedding color wheel

Pair with a Neutral

Once you have selected your primary and or accent color, you’ll want to choose a tasteful neutral color to pair it with. Neutral colors can play a major role in the tone of your wedding. Black and white create a formal, classy atmosphere, where as hues such as cream and gray tend to soften the event. Metallics are perfect for glamming up your event while adding a touch of drama.

Some popular neutral tones from our collection.

Old Gold

Putting it all together

It is common to take seasonal considerations when merging the perfect scheme. Each season has foliage, colors and fashion faux pas associated with it. Consulting, with these can be beneficial to any even, but it is important to remember, rules are meant to be broken, so don’t let it discourage you if your color pairing doesn’t fit with the season of your wedding. There are plenty of other ways to everything together tastefully.

Spring Colors

Spring colors tend to be light and airy, think pastels. They can also easily flow into the more bold and vibrant colors of summers.

5 Popular Spring Palettes

Summer Colors

Bright and warm colors, matching the bold flowers and foliage of the season. Summer is the perfect time to saturate your color choices.

5 Popular Summer Palettes

Fall Colors

Much like the colors in nature, fall colors pallets start to lose their saturation. Taking the color schemes of summer and muting them. Fall color schemes tend to take on an earthy, organic feel.

5 Popular Fall Palettes

Winter Colors

Neutral colors play a larger role in winter. Often this is the season you’ll see two neutral colors paired with an accent color, where as in the other seasons, the opposite is often true.

5 Popular Winter Palettes