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Le Jardinier Foil Wedding Stickers

Le Jardinier Foil Wedding Stickers

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KINGSVILLE 8.24.2019


  • All foil elements have been removed from the card.
  • Our flat foil has an irresistible metallic shine, with a smooth flat finish. Amazingly durable, our foil won't flake, chip, or scratch.
  • Our metallic foil with an added three-dimensional, raised, effect. A luxurious and tactile option that elevates your invitation to the next level.
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The Le Jardinier Foil Wedding Stickers features a textured background with an option to edit the color. Add your initials and wedding information you would like on your Stickers. The Le Jardinier Foil Stickers is part of our Le Jardinier Foil Wedding Suite. Customize using real Gold, Silver, or Rose Gold colored Foil.

Product Size 2" x 2"
Collections Foil
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