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Redwood Forest Wedding Stickers

Redwood Forest Wedding Stickers



  • All foil elements have been removed from the card.
  • Our flat foil has an irresistible metallic shine, with a smooth flat finish. Amazingly durable, our foil won't flake, chip, or scratch.
  • Our metallic foil with an added three-dimensional, raised, effect. A luxurious and tactile option that elevates your invitation to the next level.
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If you're looking for a creative way to seal up your envelopes, our Redwood Forest Wedding Stickers are perfect for you! The colors in the stickers are a deep red and gold, matching the ones you see in the corresponding invitations and other items in this package. You can, however, customize them to be whatever colors you'd like! These little stickers feature your first initials separated by an ampersand in the middle. Print them in foil for an extra memorable touch!

Product Size 2" x 2"
Collections Foil
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Stunning!!!Review by Allison
I don't remember how we found BasicInvite during all our wedding planning Googling, but when we did, we were all in! We placed a small order at first and were so impressed by the quality that we used them for everything from Invites and sticker seals to programs and thank yous. Thrilled with the quality and consistent beautiful coloring throughout their products (I can't tell you how many times I've received 2 different versions of navy blue from the same company, ugh!) If you're not convinced yet, did I mention everything shipped insanely fast and I received tracking/updates via email along the way? Again, super impressed across the board! Thanks for everything, BasicInvite Team!
All the best,
Future Lifelong Customer :) Posted on 1/18/2019