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S6 Mailing Rustic Snowflake Envelope

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S6 Mailing Rustic Snowflake Envelope

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    Complete with peel & seal (no licking required), these S6 6x6 square envelopes are perfect for mailing your square cards. The luxurious weight and premium construction are sure to impress your recipients. This S6 size is versatile with its distinguished square flap. Perfect as an outer mailing envelope, or as an inner envelope, as it fits perfectly inside our S6.5 envelope; for the ever-classy inner/outer envelope combination.

    Product Size 6" x 6"
    Color No
    Dimensions S6 (6" x 6")
    Seal Peel & Seal. No licking required! Simply pull the tab and seal.
    Weight 80lb.
    Flap Square Flap
    Return Addressing Available Yes
    Mailing Address Printing Yes