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Engagement Party Invitation FAQ

Engagement parties are a great way to celebrate the fun, and exciting new life of the lucky couple getting married as well as having family and friends meet for the first time. If you’re hosting an engagement party and you’re not sure what to do, find the answers to your questions below.  Once you have read the FAQ's create the perfect engagement party invitations from our amazing selection of fully customizable designs.

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Engagement Party Invitation FAQ

1. Who should host the party?

Traditionally the bride’s parents host the engagement party, however, nowadays it’s not uncommon for a friend of the bride and groom or other relatives to host an engagement party as well. You may choose to have two or more parties, one with family friends and relatives, and another with your own friends. There is no right or wrong.

2. When should an engagement party be thrown for the lucky couple?

It’s a great to have a party soon after the engagement while the news is still fresh. You should throw the party no later than three months after the couple got engaged.

3. Who should be invited to the engagement party?

Traditionally you should only invite guests who are also invited to the wedding as well.

4. Are gifts given to the couple at their engagement party?

Gifts are not traditionally given at an engagement party. However, the host and couple should decide whether or not guests should bring gifts to the party. A good way for your guest to know is to either include “no gifts please” on the invitation or list where the couple is registered. If you choose not to have present brought, and some guests do bring a gift, it is best to keep them out of sight rather than being displayed on a table to avoid other guests who did not bring a gift for the couple.

5. Should the engagement party be held in a particular location?

An engagement party venue could include a person’s home, restaurant or country club, wherever is best suited for the amount of people invited and/or the ambiance you are going for.

6. Are there any particular activities the host or couple should provide at the party?

Generally, the father of the bride will give a toast to the couple then usually the groom will respond with a toast to their families. Some game ideas would be to get a box and have pieces of paper and pens for guests to write down questions they want to ask the couple and at one point in the night let the couple answer them. Also, you can leave out a booklet for guest to write down advice for the couple. Another idea would be to have the couple share the story of how they met and how the proposal went. Perhaps, show a video of the couple from then to now.

7. What should I include in the engagement invitation?

Be sure to include who the couple is that is getting married, when the party is, and where it is being held along with the address. Also, include the host’s name as well as when to RSVP by.

8. What are some greetings I can use to cordially invite a guest to the engagement party?

There are many ways to word your engagement party invitations, some examples would be:
• Please join us for an engagement party honoring Amanda and Kevin
• Amanda and Kevin are engaged! Join us for a party in their honor
• Let’s celebrate the soon-to-be Husband and Wife
• We have some exciting news… Amanda and Kevin are engaged!
• Engagement party. Please join us for a party honoring Amanda and Kevin
• Celebrating the engagement of Amanda and Kevin
• They are tying the knot come celebrate with us!
• Let’s toast the happy couple! An engagement celebration honoring Amanda and Kevin!