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    My name is Karlee Brown am a Wedding and Senior Portrait photographer in Michigan. I started this journey when I was just 18 years old in 2011 and I couldn't be happier with where it has taken me. I specialize in senior portraits and weddings, but I do photograph a few families and especially my pets. have a studio based out of Grand Rapids and am currently living here in the city with my fiancé and our two pets. I am quite spunky and love going out of the box to achieve the photos that my clients want and deserve.

    I have shot over 60 weddings and the number keeps growing year after year. I have made the decision this past month to photograph only seniors and weddings. Its a big step for me, but I am beyond excited to get started on it! Being able to take the time and focus on those two types of photography that I really love will be a big step for my business.

    Today I wanted to share one of my favorite weddings from October 2015, Mr. & Mrs. Browne!

    Browne-2 B-1

    I love being a wedding photographer and capturing all of those special moments between two people. Its amazing to be able to see the love that they share for each other and its even better to be able to capture that love in a photograph.

    This couple decided to do a first look, one of my favorite things couples can decide for their wedding day. It gives us a lot more time for great photos and time to focus on just the two of you!


    B-3B-2Browne-71 B-5 B-6 Browne-93 B-9 B-10 Browne-101B-11

    I like to keep my photography style fairly simple. I shoot as much natural light as I can (unless of course extra lighting is necessary) and I like to keep my images clean and crisp. A lot of people like my style for how vibrant the colors are and how much it makes the images POP!

    B-15 Browne-327 Browne-421

    This reception was held at Deer Run Golf Club in Lowell MI. There was  a GORGEOUS sunset this night and we got one of my favorite shots in my entire career, from this night. (first shot below) I love working with couples that are really into getting the perfect shot. My clients let me be in full creative control and they could not be happier with the outcome.

    B-18 B-19 B-17 Browne-645


    Being a photographer is one of the most amazing decisions I have ever made. At first I didn't think I could do it but I followed my dreams and worked very hard to get to where I am today. I look forward to what the future has in store for me! For more images head on over to my website! If you have any questions feel free to ask!

    Lets talk about photographing your big day!

    Website: FacebookInstagram

  • Kimberley Kufaas Photography | Vancouver Island


    I'm Kimberley Kufaas, a wedding photographer, an artist, a story teller. I was born and raised on Vancouver Island, BC where the beauty around me when I step out the door is inspiring for my passion for photography.

    I adore connection and romance, which has placed me here with a passion for capturing those moments. I'm forever searching for hidden gems and pretty light. I love when couples fully trust me when I tell them I've found the most epic location and no questions asked, they are along for the adventure.

    Choosing one shoot to blog might just be the most difficult thing to do so I've chosen this west coast stylized shoot. This duo is amazing to photograph, not just because they're gorgeous but especially for their mad love for one another. They're good friends of mine and I had photographed their wedding in 2014.


    This stylized shoot was shot at San Josef Bay west of Port Hardy, BC. This little gem is close to my hometown and a favourite beach to visit as a child.

    The evening before the shoot my model and good friend Lucy and I sat down and made her flower crown. We made the crown out of cedar picked from her backyard. With Lucy and I being first nations from the Kwagu'ł territory we felt using cedar was special. Cedar has been used for healing, purification and for spiritual protection. Its spiritual properties are supposed to promote peaceful thoughts and help interpret messages from the inner self.

    The drive out to this beach and hike is a days commitment. We drove through snow and on a logging road for about 2 hours and hiked 45 minutes on Boxing Day. It was below freezing, but if I didn't tell you I'm sure you wouldn't have guessed!

    I hope you enjoy this blog and these images! If you'd like to follow what I love to do best you can find me at the following links: | |

    IMG_3854 IMG_3857 IMG_4208 IMG_3977 IMG_4136 IMG_4240 IMG_4122 IMG_4151 IMG_4303 IMG_4386 IMG_3955-3

    Dress: Lisa Brown Designs | Shawl: Aritzia | Ring: Miskwill


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