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  • Jessica Elaine Photography


    Jess here, one half of our dynamic husband and wife photography duo. We are Southern California based photographers who specialize in local and international weddings as well as lifestyle sessions. I started Jessica Elaine Photography almost 7 years ago sitting in a mud hut in sub-Saharan Africa. I moved to Burkina Faso by myself while I was in college. With 3 bags of toothbrushes and a camera in my hand I set out to change the world.

    sanddunes-143 sanddunes-74

    I know you’re the heck did you get from Africa to weddings? Well the truth is I started sharing stories of the orphans I loved, the villages I served in, and the handicapped I worked with when people started asking me to capture their wedding. I had dreams of being a photojournalist for national geographic (still dreaming about that of course) but realized my love for photography was in the telling of stories.

    sanddunes-78 sanddunes-85

    When I’m not traveling the world and capturing love in every form behind my lens, you can find me sitting on San Diego’s beaches, burning some serious calories in Barre classes, sipping wine with my favorite friends and “window shopping” everything at Anthropologie!


    I love LOVE!!! It’s what inspires my images, and taking this amazing couple out to the California Sand Dunes was a romantic’s dream. One of my favorite aspects of this shoot was that it felt like we owned the desert, like we were walking places no man had walked before.

    sanddunes-83 sanddunes-205

    I want my clients to look back on their photos 20 years from now and still feel the rush of excitement and love over their images as they did the day they first saw them. Our style is timeless, candid, and fun. The desert session at the Imperial Sand Dunes was a wonderful reflection of all of those things.

    sanddunes-239 sanddunes-308

    Our goal is for our clients to feel completely at ease in front of the camera, able to be themselves while we merely capture the joy that radiates from them. We use my bubbly nature and my husband's cheesy jokes to let our clients know they can just be themselves.


    As much as I love incredible locations like these sand dunes, really it's all about the couple and capturing this precious moment in time.



    COMPANY: Jessica Elaine Photography


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  • Laszlo Bencze Photography


    The art of seeing is my passion. I want my pictures to tell the story of other people’s lives. I want my pictures to be about those people, not about how slick I am as a photographer. The list of photo tricks is long and dismal: tilting the camera, weird PhotoShop filters, goofy group shots, wacky expressions, oddball poses in strange places, enigmatic detail photos, fake candid situations. These gimmicks are often clumsy; seldom classic, and do not age well. I want my pictures to show reality well seen. When my couples look back at their wedding albums decades later, I want them to see themselves as they really were, doing things that came naturally to them rather than acting out dreamed up scenarios.

    Dahlia Sandnes wedding Dahlia_0668

    Photography for Dahlia’s wedding began six months before the wedding ceremony. I flew to her college in Minnesota to show her life as a student and with her fiancé. You might wonder what that has to do with a wedding. My answer is “everything.” To show normal life with friends interacting, relatives visiting, couples just being themselves gives a matrix for the wedding. A diamond by itself is incomplete. These pre-wedding pictures are the setting for the gem. I never spend less than two full days taking pictures.

    Dahlia Sandnes wedding Dahlia Sandnes wedding Dahlia Sandnes wedding Dahlia Sandnes wedding Dahlia Sandnes wedding Dahlia_3068

    COMPANY: Laszlo Bencze Photography



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