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Details To Include On Your Enclosure Card

Including an enclosure card with your wedding invitation is a great way to communicate to your guest additional wedding day details. Whether you want to provide your guests with directions to your wedding venue, or let them know the address of a local hotel, a wedding enclosure card can be used as Reception Cards, Direction Cards, Accommodation Cards and more!

Not sure what to include on your enclosure card? No worries, we are here to walk you through this! We have outlined below the common uses and etiquette for wording on your Wedding Invitation Enclosure cards.

Accommodation Card: For your guests who will be traveling from out of town, it is a common courtesy to include a hotel which is convenient and affordable for them to stay. When placing this information on your enclosure card, be sure to include the hotel name, address, phone number and website. Also if there is a special rate code that you have established with the hotel be sure to include this information as well.

Reception Card: When the ceremony and reception are held in different locations, adding a Reception enclosure card will help direct your guests. Here you can provide your guests with the Venue name and address.

Directions and Transportation Card: If including a map always be sure to also include written directions and keep in mind that guests will be coming from all directions. If local transportation is available to use you can also provide them with information such as shuttles, parking and public transit lines.

Additional Wedding Events Card: For those guests you would like to join you for other weekend activities, you can choose to provide an enclosure card letting them know a schedule of events such as, rehearsal dinners and post wedding brunches to name a few.

Other details to consider placing on your enclosure cards:

Attire: If your wedding is outdoors and super casual or an indoor elegant setting, it's a nice piece of information to advise your guests on what to wear.

Website Information: This is a great way to share with your guests all the information on your big day.

Alternate location: For outdoor weddings, it‰'s important to provide information on the alternative location in the event of rain.

We offer wedding enclosure cards that will match your invitation exactly, or you can choose an enclosure card that will compliment your invitation‰'s style. We offer a variety of insert cards that will deliver your information with style!

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