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Wedding Ideas and Themes

  • Cortiella Photography

    I specialize in wedding photography because it enables me to tell a story that lets people go back in time and feel the emotion of the moment all over again. I read once that, “photos are a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.” This expression ignited the fire that eventually led me to follow my childhood dream, take the leap, and start Cortiella Photography. It has been a whirlwind adventure as I continue to learn and hone my techniques!

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  • Brownstone Photography - Loving Life

    When I was young I was into sketching. I’d spend hours studying the face of my grandmother just to draw her eyes as they really looked. I fell in love with photography in my teens when I realized that it was a lot quicker to take a photo than to spend an hour on a sketch. My first camera was a hand-me-down that was worth less than the film I was putting in it. It had a meter inside that would indicate whether I had proper exposure. At the time it was just fun, not serious, and hardly anyone knew I loved it so much.

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  • Brandi Linger Photography: Jordan and Iaian's Engagement Session in the Hills of WV

    Hi guys!! My name is Brandi Linger and I own Brandi Linger Photography in the little town of Jane Lew, WV. Our population here barely reaches five hundred people, so you really have to try in order to find us on the map! We are mainly a wedding and engagement photography business, however we also focus on seniors and do some studio work. We have been in business a little over a year now, but only about six months full time. The most important thing to me in this business is capturing moments for people that they can't get back. It's like freezing time for them to look back upon, and then passing their pictures down for years and years to come.

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