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  • Scenescerity Images - Featured Connecticut Photographer

    Scenscerity Images is a future husband and wife photography team, serving couples and families across New York, Connecticut and beyond. Stephanie, lead photographer, and Timothy, master editor, are best friends and can’t wait to get married at their Catholic Church in Queens, NY, in May 2019. They share a love of everything creative, including cooking, art, music, and writing. They also love traveling, homemade pupusas, and honest comedies. With photography, they look forward to working with couples and families who truly believe in their love, and who believe in fighting for love. Having undergone many struggles themselves, they are grateful for everyday they are gifted to pursue their dreams, and to do so, together. Recent work includes their first styled bridal shoot, a Marine wedding in Rhode Island, and they look forward to what the future holds. Continue reading

  • Decor of Couture Events

    The dream of becoming a wedding and event planner started when I was a little girl. Growing up with 8 people under our household, there was always a task for us to do; especially when it came to planning parties. Somehow, I always gravitated towards helping my mom set up party decorations. I remember this incident, where it was my mom’s baby shower. As my mom opened up her gifts, I stood to the side, waiting to organize the gifts and put everything away. From there, a passion was stemmed. Back in my High School days, I was involved in an organization called “Sister City” the program was an organization that helped plan events and the money raised would go into building schools in Mexico. It was through a Valentine dance we planned that I met my now husband.

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  • Touches By Tempest

    Before knowing event planning was such a thing, I used to dream of a day where I could create beautifully themed events, "wowing" anyone who would see. Now that I see that can be my reality, I am partially in disbelief yet 80% constantly filled with excitement. From creating a client's color palette to ensure the day-of host(s) have everything that he/she needs to enjoy their special moment, I love this!

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