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Wedding Snapshot

Since the invention of the smart phone, the general population has now had access to a decent camera in their pocket at all times! Luckily, even though you may be paying for an official wedding photographer, all of your guests can capture the special moments your wedding photographer may have missed!

Remember when putting disposable cameras on every table was a big deal because you didn't want to miss a single moment from any ones perspective of the special day? Well because of technology, every guests phone can be like a disposable camera.  Apps like  Party Mode, Wedding Snap, or MiWedding make it possible to have all of your guests photos in one easy to use location.

They all have some really cool features such as event locations for your guests, along with interactive maps of the locations, and most important a photo stream that will let all your guests share photos with each other and you! What a simple great way to collect photos! No more tracking down photos from every guests Facebook or hounding them for the photo that the pro didn't catch! It's simple and affordable.

This will let your family and friends get in on the action and could even be used as a game or contest by making it a scavenger hunt! Provide each table with a list of things to take photos of and see what photo magic your guests can make!

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