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  • Stufflebeam Photography --- Candid, Captivating, Real Weddings

    Good food, beautiful decorations, every one dressed their best, soft music in the air...  Weddings are a party and I love celebrating them with my brides and grooms!


    Hi all, my name is Stacy Stufflebeam and I love capturing weddings!  I started out 5 years ago after I graduated college with a degree in Visual Communication from the University of Utah.  Ever since my first wedding in 2011, my business has grown and I have grown with it!  I have found the pictures I love the most are the real, fun, blissful moments you almost always get at weddings.


    Some couples are trendy, some are goofy, some are sweet and romantic.  What ever their style, I like capturing pictures unique to the couple and their personalities!


    This wedding was at the end of May in Boise, Idaho.  The bride and groom decided not to see each other beforehand so I went with each separately to a park near the wedding to get some pictures with them and their bridesmaids and groomsmen.

    DSC_7424a  DSC_8223

    I love getting the little details of the day that the bride and groom may forget about. Like mouthwash!  The groom pulled this out right before he walked down the isle... Not sure why he didn't take care of this beforehand!


    The Ceremony was in the Mother of the Bride's backyard.  They brought in a bunch of round tables and had the isle snake through the tables.  This is becoming popular since after the ceremony, every thing is ready for dinner!

    DSC_8537DSC_8570aDSC_8553  DSC_0205DSC_8739

    Speaking of dinner...  This is one of my favorite parts of the wedding!  Whether you have appetizers or a gourmet meal, the food is always fantastic.  This dinner was catered by a local Boise restaurant and they really delivered!  Tri tip, chicken, or rainbow trout, and look at those amazing veggies!

    DSC_9333 DSC_9573aDSC_9270b DSC_9364DSC_1393

    After the ceremony, it is always a party!  This is the time that I usually fade into the background to capture those fun candid shots while bride and groom let their hair down.

       DSC_9403DSC_9341DSC_1377  DSC_9472

    Good music and relaxing/dancing with friends are on the agenda for the rest of the night as the sun starts to go down and the sweet smell of summer dusk is on the air!


    Every wedding is unique and fun, and I love that I get to be a part of these couple's special day!

    For more info and prices visit my website at: or my Facebook .

    I would love to hear from you!

  • San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photography by Anna Hogan

    Why San Francisco City Hall is the best venue to elope?

    Ok, so he or she popped a question and you said Yes, congratulations! You started day dreaming about your unforgettable Big Day, but paying off wedding debt its not really a priority on your to do list after the wedding. How about eloping? I know, sounds so easy, but where, how soon, how much would that cost?

    Mayors balcony wedding city hall

    Idea#1 Choose a place that you always wanted to visit, hopefully it’s on his bucket list too. Hire a local independent wedding officiant and you are all set, right? Not really, you still need a hotel, airplane tickets, dress, but on top if it some places, like beaches, parks and landmarks will still require an event permits, even though its just two of you (plus officiant), and now you are dealing with more paperwork.

    affordable sf city hall wedding photography_0002

    Idea#2 Hire a wedding planning agency who specialize in elopes and could arrange everything, from hotel to photographer, but if you are budget oriented couple and don't want to leave any decision making to someone else than you are back to beginning.

    san francisco city hall wedding photographer, ceremony at City Hall,_0005

    Idea#3 Get married at San Francisco City Hall! Why? If it was good enough for Marlin Monroe and Joe DiMaggio than its good enough for me... I got marry there too. :) San Francisco City Hall offers an elegant yet affordable setting, perfect for small and big parties. The beautiful Beaux-Art style architecture of City Hall makes it a wonderful backdrop for your wedding photos. An abundance of high arched windows letting natural light pour in and white marble structures make it one of the most elegant wedding venues in San Francisco.

    I photographed many weddings at SF City Hall , but every time I go back I find something new, different angles, light coming though the side windows. But seriously, below are some very good reasons why you should consider SF City Hall for your wedding venue.

    getting married at San francisco city hall san francisco city hall wedding photographer, ceremony at City Hall,_0012 san francisco city hall wedding photographer, ceremony at City Hall,_0010


    Location, location, location. Its elegant, spacious, weatherproof with great natural lighting.

    As a wedding photographer I prefer natural light over the fanciest studio lights, but not all weddings happen on a sunny days. What if it rains? You don’t have to worry about the weather, because ceremonies are held indoors and one of the best photo locations are inside anyways.

    san francisco city hall wedding photographer, ceremony at City Hall,_0026

    Cost Effective. The ceremony performed at Rotunda (top of the Grand Staircase) cost only $76 + $103 for a wedding license. Just a heads up, a lot of people decides to get married over there (3 ceremonies every 30 min) so it can get busy. If you want to splurge a little, or give yourself more privacy during a ceremony you can rent a Fourth Floor for a $1,002 per hour.

    san francisco city hall wedding photographer, ceremony at City Hall,_0008

    How soon can I get married at San Francisco City Hall? Ceremonies are performed Monday through Friday from 10am to 3:30pm. If you are flexible you can get married as soon as next week, but if you are planning to make your elopement a weekend thing than book your ceremony few weeks in advance because Friday reservations fill up quickly. City Hall do not accept ceremony reservations beyond 90 days in advance, unless you are reserving a privet space (4th Floor or Mayor’s Balcony) then you can book the ceremony a year in advance. Remember to book your license appointment first.

    san francisco city hall wedding photographer, ceremony at City Hall,_0006

    Wedding and Honeymoon in One. Honeymoon somewhere beautiful sounds great, but after you just used all the travel budget and vacations days to elope where you gonna go?. How about combining the wedding with a Honeymoon? San Francisco is full of attractions. Have a picnic at Crissy Fields overlocking Golden Gate Bridge, visit Alcatraz Island, California Academy of Science, SFMOMA, or The Exploratorium, and try some of the great food at Fisherman’s Wharf at Pier 39. Then hop in a cable car and enjoy the view as it takes you though the step hills of the city. Did I mentioned Sonoma and Napa Wine Country is just one hour away from San Francisco?

    san francisco city hall wedding photographer, ceremony at City Hall,_0021


    Anna Hogan Photography

    For more samples of weddings at San Francisco City Hall check out my Blog

  • Wedding Snapshot

    Since the invention of the smart phone, the general population has now had access to a decent camera in their pocket at all times! Luckily, even though you may be paying for an official wedding photographer, all of your guests can capture the special moments your wedding photographer may have missed!

    Remember when putting disposable cameras on every table was a big deal because you didn't want to miss a single moment from any ones perspective of the special day? Well because of technology, every guests phone can be like a disposable camera.  Apps like  Party Mode, Wedding Snap, or MiWedding make it possible to have all of your guests photos in one easy to use location.

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