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How Birth Announcement Cards Just Got A Little Cuter

Basic Invite's New Folded Baby Announcements

I know many of you are saying how is it even possible that birth announcement cards could get any cuter.  They already have pictures of adorable babies all over them and while this is true Basic Invite has taken it a step further by combining cute baby photos with beautifully designed folded cards.

Each of these folded cards are made to fold to the size of a postcard giving you the maximum surface are for cuteness possible in a card that is made to be mini just like your new bundle of joy.

The Mini Tri-fold/Mini Gatefold Birth Announcements

The mini tri-fold or mini gatefold gives you 6 different panels to design. The first and last panel overlap for a unique look and style that you will not find anywhere else.

New To The World Mini Tri-Fold Birth Announcements

The Mini Single Fold Birth Announcements

The Mini single fold offers 4 panels to use as your perfect canvas to show off your new family member as well as plenty of space for the import statistics such as his/her birthday, height and weight.


The greatest part about the new mini folds is that you can design your perfect birth announcements instantly online.  See a preview of each and every change you make in order to make sure your cards turn out just as perfectly as your little baby.

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