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  • Simple Elegance in Warm Colors By Kim Joya Photography

    Capture the very essence of a moment and immortalize it for years to come

    I have been photographing for as long as I can remember. Growing up in Palm Springs, CA I would encourage my best friends into modeling for me in abandoned houses, railroad tracks, scenic backgrounds like windmills, you know the basic stuff. The desert was my life and it was all I knew. It wasn't until I left to Los Angeles that I really became exposed to a much denser population of people. I became obsessed with capturing random, natural moments instead of posing my subjects. I have always felt that there is a rawness to human emotion when people are unaware they are being observed and I fell in love with that concept so most of my work is based on natural candid moments as well as the occasional posed presentation.

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  • Introducing First Birthday Cards from Basic Invite

    At Basic Invite we are always striving to keep up with the needs of our customers. In order to do this Basic Invite has rolled out an adorable line of first birthday invitations to make sure you can find the right stationery for any of your important life moments.

    We couldn’t think of a better way to introduce this new line than with an actual first birthday party. This was a tiny construction worker themed party with everything from caution tape to plastic hard hats for each of the kid and parents.


    Here is an outline of what you would need to throw a construction themed birthday party for your little one.


    When it comes to the refreshments you need to remember that the food at this party isn’t really going to be for the actual one year old. It is going to be for your close family and friends that are helping your celebrate this big day.


    Candy Rocks – Chocolate candy rocks are a must as they really add to the décor and actually taste pretty good. How can you go wrong with anything chocolate at a party.

    Orange Punch – The theme of the party is pretty much orangetastic so if you decide on orange Kool-Aid or just orange soda you won’t can’t go wrong.

    Apple Cars – Who doesn’t like food that is made into cars. Apple cars are a quick and easy way to keep your construction theme going while creating a tasty snack. Click here for a quick tutorial on how to make them.


    The décor is what makes a party no matter what anybody says you can’t have enough of it. At least that is what my wife tells me. Here is a list of décor used and each of them link to Amazon so you don’t have to spend time hunting for each item.

    IMG_0089 IMG_0085

    Caution Tape – 1 roll $8.19 Trucks – 5 Pack $5.88 Mini Cones – Set of 10 $12.30 Plastic Hard Hats – Set of 12 for $6.03 Construction Signs – Set of 4 $6.11


    Once again you are working with one year olds but a small Tupperware bowl filled with rice and small construction trucks will keep the little ones entertained for quite some time.


    TIP: Do not do this anywhere that can not be cleaned up easily as rice will be everywhere.

  • How Birth Announcement Cards Just Got A Little Cuter

    Basic Invite's New Folded Baby Announcements

    I know many of you are saying how is it even possible that birth announcement cards could get any cuter.  They already have pictures of adorable babies all over them and while this is true Basic Invite has taken it a step further by combining cute baby photos with beautifully designed folded cards.

    Each of these folded cards are made to fold to the size of a postcard giving you the maximum surface are for cuteness possible in a card that is made to be mini just like your new bundle of joy.

    The Mini Tri-fold/Mini Gatefold Birth Announcements

    The mini tri-fold or mini gatefold gives you 6 different panels to design. The first and last panel overlap for a unique look and style that you will not find anywhere else.

    New To The World Mini Tri-Fold Birth Announcements

    The Mini Single Fold Birth Announcements

    The Mini single fold offers 4 panels to use as your perfect canvas to show off your new family member as well as plenty of space for the import statistics such as his/her birthday, height and weight.


    The greatest part about the new mini folds is that you can design your perfect birth announcements instantly online.  See a preview of each and every change you make in order to make sure your cards turn out just as perfectly as your little baby.

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