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  • Enchanted Photo Tales by Marissa Mette

    My Beginning

    Ever since I can remember I have had fairies on the brain.

    When I was 9 years old, I wrote a story called “The Key” about a girl who was walking home through a park and heard the cry of a fairy. She eventually was brought to a glowing door where she was transported to the land of Fae. A typical subplot, but I was 9, so forgive me! HA!

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  • Through the lens of a Los Angeles Birth Photographer

    My name is Diana Hinek and I am a professional Birth Photographer and Doula serving the West Los Angeles area. Often people stop in their track when they hear what I do -"You photograph what??", so I wanted to talk about what the experience of birth photography might look like from both behind the lens and from a subject point of views.

    Mothers choose ( hopefully) where to birth their babies; so the first requirement to be a good birth photographer is to invest in a good DSRL camera and lens so that whether mom decides to meet her baby under the bright spot lights of a hospital room or in the darkness of her closet ( mama cats!), It will be possible to capture her birth journey and provide them with good quality digitals and prints.

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  • Willow Baby Studios||Boston Family Photographer

    One of the best parts of my job is when my annual families come in for their session. I am so filled with joy by the families I have the honor to photograph year after year. I love seeing the kiddos grow and change each session, and catching up with the parents as we herd their crew to our session location from the parking lot. It's so cool when a kid will reference something from a past session - a silly game I encouraged them to play, or a goofy word or name I used with them.

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