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  • Rustic Wedding | Allie Beckley Photography

    ABPBIBlog_17 Hi there! My name is Allie and I am a wedding photographer located on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. I’m most at peace outdoors, surrounded by nature and sunlight, and love traveling; all of which I think have helped shape my photographic style. Aesthetically I am always drawn towards soft light and natural earth tone colors and utilize as much of that as possible in my work, which seems to mesh perfectly with my preference for the capturing “real” moments. Being an introvert, I have really found my groove in capturing candid, natural moments and interactions over the technically beautiful, posed ones. Over the past six years I’ve found that the photographs of those soft touches, loving glances, and sweet smiles that come only from natural interaction are the ones that I end up loving the most.

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  • Romantic Anniversary Shoot at the Sand Dunes

    Guys!? Have you been to the Sand Dunes?? It is about a 4 hour drive from Denver and one of my husband's absolute favorite spots. He went there with his family growing up. He went there with is best guy friends. And last year he took me for my first time. It's really unreal how big they are!

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  • Most Beautiful Portrait Session

    Columbia SC Newborn Photographer

    I was recently asked what my most favorite session is that best represents my brand. The short answer is, one that feeds my soul. Let me explain. When I see a mother and child together, it fills me with so much joy. The child, in all his or her innocence, depends completely upon the mother and the mother would die for her child. She takes him into her arms shielding him from the world, an envelopment of pure nurturing sacrificial, unconditional love. There is nothing she wouldn't do for her child. Mothers suffer a lot. Being a mom is a thankless, pay-less job and as she grows tired and weary of life, she would never give it up.

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