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  • K. Sanchez Photography

    High school is where I discovered my love for photography. It was  a gift that I kept to myself for a while and later on in life realized that it would benefit others. Photographs are nothing but stories without words....classic and timeless.

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  • Dual Edge Photography

    If you visit our website or social media profiles, you'll repeatedly see the same phrase (or similar phrase with a few amendments) repeated over and over. "We take photographs of people being awesome." That's how my husband, Adam, and I (Chelsea) view this job. Photography to us is an adventure. It's running though the rain barefoot. It's rolling around in the grass laughing. It's about being alive. We try to instill that same feeling in our clients during their sessions too...because, why not have the most fun possible?

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  • Cortiella Photography

    I specialize in wedding photography because it enables me to tell a story that lets people go back in time and feel the emotion of the moment all over again. I read once that, “photos are a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.” This expression ignited the fire that eventually led me to follow my childhood dream, take the leap, and start Cortiella Photography. It has been a whirlwind adventure as I continue to learn and hone my techniques!

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