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  • Laszlo Bencze Photography


    The art of seeing is my passion. I want my pictures to tell the story of other people’s lives. I want my pictures to be about those people, not about how slick I am as a photographer. The list of photo tricks is long and dismal: tilting the camera, weird PhotoShop filters, goofy group shots, wacky expressions, oddball poses in strange places, enigmatic detail photos, fake candid situations. These gimmicks are often clumsy; seldom classic, and do not age well. I want my pictures to show reality well seen. When my couples look back at their wedding albums decades later, I want them to see themselves as they really were, doing things that came naturally to them rather than acting out dreamed up scenarios.

    Dahlia Sandnes wedding Dahlia_0668

    Photography for Dahlia’s wedding began six months before the wedding ceremony. I flew to her college in Minnesota to show her life as a student and with her fiancé. You might wonder what that has to do with a wedding. My answer is “everything.” To show normal life with friends interacting, relatives visiting, couples just being themselves gives a matrix for the wedding. A diamond by itself is incomplete. These pre-wedding pictures are the setting for the gem. I never spend less than two full days taking pictures.

    Dahlia Sandnes wedding Dahlia Sandnes wedding Dahlia Sandnes wedding Dahlia Sandnes wedding Dahlia Sandnes wedding Dahlia_3068

    COMPANY: Laszlo Bencze Photography


  • Justin Buettner Photography


    Hello everyone, I am Justin Buettner and I have been a professional wedding photographer for over 10 years. I shoot mainly in California, but I am a destination photographer as well. When I set out to shoot an engagement session I always asked couples who they are. I get to know them, what are their likes and dislikes. The more I get to know them the easier it is for me to capture images that anyone that knows them will look at and say “that’s so you!”

    Fortner Engagement lr (3 of 1)

    I am also mindful that these images are being taken for a reason. They are going to be used in save the date cards, perhaps favors, a wedding day slideshow, as decorations at the reception, thank you cards and perhaps as a wall mounted image in their home. That is a lot of uses so it is important that I give my clients a variety of images, all of them with a different purpose in mind. I try and give them those snapshot quality photos that look like they are having a moment with no one around. I try and give them artistic shots, one that will grab someone’s attention from across the room. I try and give them action shots and posed shots and ones that show off the ring in addition to ones that show off each other. I never ignore action shots too that show a couple actively doing something, not just smiling for the camera. Lastly I try to feature a couple’s likes and hobbies. I want to showcase them doing the things they love and the things that everyone knows them by. There is a lot to deliver on, and I love the challenge.

    Kavayiotidis Engagement lr (5 of 1) nightmarebeforexmas

    More so than that, I challenge myself to come up with something that perhaps they have not seen before. I take risks to be unique. I want them to have something original and fun in the end. Something that celebrates who they are. Ultimately when they make their Save the Date cards, wedding cards, and Thank you cards I want them to have a hard time choosing a favorite when they pick.

    Montano Engagement (9 of 9)Sara Engagement lr (2 of 1) Lipski Engagement lr (1 of 1)

    Shooting with a Purpose.

    Written by Justin Buettner Photography,


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