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    To me, photography is more than simply snapping a photo, it is an emotional tie to a particular moment in time......a moment in time that may have otherwise been lost forever ...a moment in time that may have otherwise been lost forever.

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    If anything I have learned in my 6 years of professional photography, is to not get so lost in the technical aspect of the art that you lose the very essence of why you were hired in the 1st place. It is very important to me that I capture your memories just the way you want them, so I often meet with my clients in the studio before the session, have a phone consultation, and/or set-up Pinterest inspiration boards so that we can share ideas.  I find this to be very helpful so that the client can see what I am envisioning and more importantly, I can see what their vision is as well!

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    My favorite shoot to date involved a couple that was seeking an expert photographer that could capture the essence of their love for one another. They’d already had a photographer in mind, but kept their options open. After a very brief discussion, I took the couple into the studio to work on their engagement session. The atmosphere was truly magical as the love between this couple filled the studio. It was like something out of a storybook. That allowed me to just let the camera do its unscripted job and create that magic I felt in the room. Breland a nd Latrell were spontaneous and so natural. I felt as if I just disappeared into the background and let their love take over! When Breland and Latrell saw the proofs they were completely blown away. They hired me to photograph their wedding, and although I balled from all the love in the air that day, I managed to capture the essence of that special day as well.

    ~Love, KDP

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  • Mariam Saifan Photography


    Every artist has their muse. A source of inspiration for their creative work.

    For me, it's travel & architecture

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    Hi, my name is Mariam Saifan and I do unique portrait and wedding photography in the Kansas City area. I have a passion for capturing happiness and people in love! My photography business was established after I went on a trip to Istanbul and shared some images on social media. From there, it was all magic!

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    With my background in architectural engineering with an emphasis in lighting design, my passion for photography was created. These two aspects of my life are both creative and result in something beautiful and memorable. I love challenging my creativity!

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    I specialize in contemporary style photography with a photojournalistic touch that captures the natural beauty in my clients. I love anything that's colorful and fun, which is why I especially love to photograph Indian or Desi style weddings.

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    Getting to know my clients is essential before portrait sessions or weddings. That way, I can capture their true personality in the most beautiful way. I love to have my clients laugh with their significant others and pretend that I am not there, so that I can capture their true laughter and natural moments.

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    It's really important to get an awesome wedding photographer that you click with because the photographer will accompany you for most of your wedding day. It's also very important to capture those precious moments that only happen once in a lifetime. The best and most important part of photography is when the clients share the images with their families and friends. Photography shows the world a little piece of that special day.

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    The best part of being a portrait and wedding photographer is that I get to work with people and think in a creative way. My cheeks always hurt at the end of the night from smiling and laughing so much! see more work: Website | Facebook | Instagram |

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    Located | Overland Park, Kansas - Kansas City, Missouri


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