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  • Amore Vita Photography


    Hey there! I'm Julia, owner of Amore Vita Photography in Charlotte, NC. I've been photographing weddings for six years and I love every second. Over the years I've really thought a lot about why I do this job. I've had to dig deep and think about things that have happened in my life that led me to this. It's much more than just taking pretty pictures for me. Jetton Park Engagement Session | Amore Vita Photography_0001Jetton Park Engagement Session | Amore Vita Photography_0006

    I'm a photographer because of a woman I've never met. I've only seen her in photographs, but she is one of the most important women in my life. She's my Grandma. Jetton Park Engagement Session | Amore Vita Photography_0007Jetton Park Engagement Session | Amore Vita Photography_0008Jetton Park Engagement Session | Amore Vita Photography_0010

    I've heard stories about my Grandma Marilyn my whole life. She raised five amazing children (one of them being my Dad) and loved them with all her heart. We've always had photos of her around the house and ever since I was little they would stop me in my tracks. I could stare at them for hours and imagine all the things that were happening in her life at that moment. I was always a little amazed at the fact that a split second in time could be frozen forever. That I was holding a moment frozen in time. Isn't that incredible?

    The photos we have are my memories of her. I cherish them. Jetton Park Engagement Session | Amore Vita Photography_0011Jetton Park Engagement Session | Amore Vita Photography_0013Jetton Park Engagement Session | Amore Vita Photography_0014

    Once I started getting interested in photography and finding my way through the industry, I found myself photographing weddings. For me, that was it. I knew when I photographed my first wedding I was hooked. All I could think about was another granddaughter like me finding these old photos of her grandparents on their wedding day. Happier than ever and so in love. It's so fulfilling to know that I can give someone so much joy by doing something I genuinely love. Of course, I love all the couples I've met throughout the years and I want them to enjoy their wedding pictures forever, but I have a few other people on my mind when I'm photographing their wedding.

    Jetton Park Engagement Session | Amore Vita Photography_0018Jetton Park Engagement Session | Amore Vita Photography_0019Jetton Park Engagement Session | Amore Vita Photography_0020Jetton Park Engagement Session | Amore Vita Photography_0021

    I hope you enjoyed learning a little about me and the reason behind what I do. I 100% think this is the most amazing job in the world and I'm so thankful to be able to photograph people ridiculously in love for a living. To see more of my work come on over to my websiteInstagram or Facebook!

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  • Halloween Party Invitation Printable


    eat drink and be scary

    Halloween is only a few weeks away, time to start thinking about your costume, carving pumpkins, decorating, visiting haunted attractions, telling scary stories and watching horror movies! Whatever your plans are for Halloween this year, we've created a funåÊHalloween Party Invitation printable.



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