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  • Unique Wedding Response Card Wording


    We‰Ûªve tackled tips on how to get your guests to RSVP. Now, we‰Ûªd like to take it another step with helping you with fun and creative ways to word your response cards! This not only makes it exciting for your guests to respond but may also help distress you as you work through the stacks of cards you‰Ûªll receive as well. Below are some suggestions we think you may enjoy.

  • Anthony Gauna Photography


    I’m Anthony Gauna. I’m a wedding photographer based in San Antonio, TX.

    I never intended on becoming a photographer. Growing up, I wanted to be a musician. So, I pursued that after high school. After years of hard work, we wound up being offered a recording contract, but we turned it down and broke up not that long after. I felt lost at that point. I didn’t know what to do with myself.

    Long story short, after years of trying to find myself and my purpose, photography made its way into my life.

    After photographing my first wedding months after picking up a camera, I felt my purpose was to become a photographer.

    Before I started, I was working a data entry job that I absolutely hated. I would spend my downtime at work trying to plan out things I needed so that I could one day be a photographer for a living. However, that got me fired from my job. It was the push I needed to get started. It wasn’t the easiest transition for me to move from having a “real job” to becoming my own boss, but I wouldn’t change the past even if I could. I love what I have the honor of doing.

    Photographing weddings give me purpose.

    I have amazing couples that I get to work with, so being asked to choose my favorite wedding is never easy. They’re all fun. However, I decided to share this recent wedding I photographed of my couple, Emily and Jimmy.

    Why? Because it has some of my favorite things - Oregon’s beautiful scenery, cats, quiet moments, love, and laughter.

    anthony-gauna-photography_0001 anthony-gauna-photography_0002 anthony-gauna-photography_0003 anthony-gauna-photography_0004 anthony-gauna-photography_0005anthony-gauna-photography_0058 anthony-gauna-photography_0006 anthony-gauna-photography_0007 anthony-gauna-photography_0008 anthony-gauna-photography_0009 anthony-gauna-photography_0010 anthony-gauna-photography_0011 anthony-gauna-photography_0012 anthony-gauna-photography_0013 anthony-gauna-photography_0014 anthony-gauna-photography_0015 anthony-gauna-photography_0016


    If you wanna stalk Anthony Gauna Photography online, please  visit my website or add me on Facebook and Instagram!


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