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  • Bethany Miller Photography


    Hi! I'm Bethany Miller!

    I thrive to not only capture special memories in someone's life but to truly create a story that unfolds their most cherished days. Our work is a photojournalistic approach to the moments that make up our life. The last two years on my photography journey have been a whirlwind! This is so much more then just a business, it's truly a movement in celebrating life!

    Bethany Miller Photography

    Often, clients describe Bethany Miller Photography to be an "experience". We feel so blessed to have clients that cherish our work, as much as we cherish them. So, our approach to business is simple, "Let Us Tell Your Story"

    Bethany Miller Photography

    We want to catch the hidden glances between the bride and groom on a wedding day, watch our Teen and Senior High School Model Crew feel a bit more beautiful as they get professional hair and make-up done for their portrait session, capture the simple smiles of a newborn and laugh alongside growing families who love to laugh together. Ultimately, we want to create memories, in a way that is authentic to our clients.

    Bethany Miller Photography

    Over the past few years, I have found an incredible balance between shooting my own sessions and creating friendships within the photography community. I have learned more by teaching others and leaving my ears open to incredible business owners, then I ever could have even imagined. COMMUNITY IS EVERYTHING and I have met some of the most incredible photographers and business mentors through embracing it. Through these sessions, I was encouraged to follow my heart with shooting Seniors. This year has been INCREDIBLE as we launched our fabulous Teen and Senior Model Crew filled with incredible High School students who love laughing, having fun and creating memories!

    Bethany Miller Photography

    Earlier this week, we had the privilege of shooting a BEAUTIFUL High School Senior who is part of our Senior Model Crew and this was quickly one of my favorite sessions to date. She is already incredibly gorgeous on her own, but reading all of the positive comments she received from friends and family after she posted her sneak peeks is something I will never forget. It was assurance, that creating those ever-lasting moments are worth so much more then just photos. It's self-worth, beauty and heightened confidence!

    Bethany Miller Photography

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  • Amazing but it's True! Ambrosia Event Services



    Ambrosia Event Services is an upscale event company that takes a one of a kind approach. Ambrosia is a one stop shop for everything your event could need, each wrapped into personalized packages so your event is custom to you.


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    Our Beach Wedding Services We provide awesome Wedding Photography

    It's Amazing and It's So True!! Where in America can you find an Upscale Event Company that will allow you to book *multiple event services for a flat $500.00 retainer? This is no gimmick or bait and switch! Our rave reviews testify to how we have revolutionized booking event services conveniently and affordable! Call to make your appointment then come in and visit us at our awesome 4500 show room. Your event can now be a work of art and you won't stress out over the high costs! Do it now and you'll receive a serious bonus offer for a limited time only!! To see all of Ambrosia's high end services check out our web site and see the many event services we own.

    *Some Event Services Exceptions do apply!

    Please call for details 888-870-9913

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