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  • Tish Hitesman Photography


    Hello! Five years ago, I began photography as just a hobby. As my skills developed, I turned my love of the art into a small business to serve my hometown of Cheraw, South Carolina.

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    IMG_1539-1-2-1-2 Photography became one of my favorite things to do in my spare time when I was pursuing my teaching degree at Newberry College. I especially loved taking landscape and architectural photos. Once I began my career as an educator, I had to put photography on the backburner. However, after having my son in 2010, I renewed my love of taking photos. During the first year of my son’s life I realized how much I enjoyed portrait photography. I began to truly see the importance of capturing memories to last a lifetime.


    After a couple years of self-teaching and practice with family and friends, I found the proper balance that allowed me teach and have a small photography business. That’s when my passion began to thrive. I often tell my clients that I live vicariously through them. I did not have a professional photographer take my engagement, wedding, maternity, or newborn photos. I depended on family and friends for those pictures, and it was a decision I heavily regret.

    Special moments require quality photos, hence, when I take photos for my clients, I try to give my best effort as if it were my own personal photos.


    I consider myself a portrait/event photographer. I absolutely love natural lighting. When shooting outdoors, I am willing to get covered in dirt, leaves, and debris in an effort to achieve the perfect angle or shot. Besides taking great photos, one my biggest priorities during a shoot is to make sure my clients feel comfortable.


    The task of having to choose one of my favorite wedding photo shoots was not as easy one. However, I decided to spotlight the wedding of Troy and Emalee Spencer. I selected their special day because their photos encompass all that I want my photos to present: emotion, personality, and detail. I believe the photos reflect true love, happiness, and careful attention to creating an atmosphere to match.


    I appreciate you taking the time to look at my work, and please let me know if you have any questions, or would like any additional information!

    Thank you, Tish Hitesman

    To see more of my work visit Tish Hitesman Photography and you may also contact me at

  • Alexandra Elise Photography


    Hi, i'm Alexandra of Alexandra Elise Photography!

    When I first got into photography I dabbled in both film and digital. I first learned on my dad’s 35mm Minolta that he had in college. I then learned digital and film photography in high school before heading to Ithaca College where I mostly focused on large format photography and dark room processing and editing. Immediately following college graduation, I began working for Tammy Swales Studio which was solely digital. I continued shooting odd rolls of 35mm and 120mm that I had at home until it ran out. Before I knew it, it had been about 4 years since I touched any of my film cameras.

    Alexandra-Elise-Photography-Ali-Reed-NYC-Engagement-Wedding-Photographer-033 Alexandra-Elise-Photography-Ali-Reed-NYC-Engagement-Wedding-Photographer-034

    So with all that being said… I wondered if I should start shooting film again and become a hybrid shooter to develop that image quality. But also with that being said, I was so scared out of my mind because I feel like I have been so detached from film for a long time. And film is crazy expensive and I didn’t want to screw up!

    Alexandra-Elise-Photography-Ali-Reed-NYC-Engagement-Wedding-Photographer-031 Alexandra-Elise-Photography-Ali-Reed-NYC-Engagement-Wedding-Photographer-030 Alexandra-Elise-Photography-Ali-Reed-NYC-Engagement-Wedding-Photographer-024 Alexandra-Elise-Photography-Ali-Reed-NYC-Engagement-Wedding-Photographer-023

    So… what did I do? I signed up for an intensive 2-day film photography workshop with Jacob of Brumley & Wells in Colorado and New Mexico, bought so much film, a light meter, a professional medium format camera and started to slow down. Once I started to train my mind, my body, and my eye to slow down I truly started to see the beauty in my photography that was missing before. My relationships grew stronger and my images more beautiful.

    Alexandra-Elise-Photography-Ali-Reed-NYC-Engagement-Wedding-Photographer-005 Alexandra-Elise-Photography-Ali-Reed-NYC-Engagement-Wedding-Photographer-006Alexandra-Elise-Photography-Ali-Reed-NYC-Engagement-Wedding-Photographer-018 Alexandra-Elise-Photography-Ali-Reed-NYC-Engagement-Wedding-Photographer-020

    I flew in to meet Jason & Alyssa where we started their engagement session at The Harlem Meer. Spring was abundantly around that day with the bright blue skies, sunshine, and birds chirping-- and the fresh & colorful spring blooms. We spend a large portion of the day at Lincoln Center which is where Jason proposed to Alyssa. I love photographing my couples at places that mean a lot to them-- it adds to their story. We spend some more time in Manhattan before heading to Brooklyn for some frozen yogurt and skyline photos of the city. Absolutely gorgeous. We headed back into the city so I could catch a cab to JFK and I had to fire off one last roll of film of Jason & Alyssa in front of the flat iron building with the gorgeous light. I can't wait for their wedding this Summer!

    Alexandra-Elise-Photography-Ali-Reed-NYC-Engagement-Wedding-Photographer-013 Alexandra-Elise-Photography-Ali-Reed-NYC-Engagement-Wedding-Photographer-014Alexandra-Elise-Photography-Ali-Reed-NYC-Engagement-Wedding-Photographer-050Alexandra-Elise-Photography-Ali-Reed-NYC-Engagement-Wedding-Photographer-016


    COMPANY: Alexandra Elise Photography


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