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  • Sarah Lindsay Photography - Your Story, Captured.

    Sarah Lindsay, Professional Photographer & Owner of Sarah Lindsay Photography. Sarah Lindsay, Professional Photographer & Owner of Sarah Lindsay Photography.

    Based in Denver Colorado, I am a professional lifestyle photographer who specializes in outdoor weddings. I photographed my first wedding in March 2015 when I got an unexpected internship with a company in Estes Park, CO.  They saw my early macro work and decided that I was what they were looking for in their next intern.  Soon I fell in love with the energy, tears, and happiness of weddings and opened my own wedding photography business later that summer.  Since then I have grown immensely as a photographer and have fallen into my own groove and style.  I focus on the experience I provide to my clients as well as telling their story through words and photos. My #1 goal when photographing weddings is to make you laugh and have a good time, even if that means making awkward jokes or noises. In the end, I aim to capture natural, genuine expressions of love and happiness!Sarah_5

    My fiance thinks I am an old lady at heart because I love antiques, cats, and gardening (by gardening he means tending to house plants). Growing up I was a tomboy, always playing with the boys and making bows and arrows out of sticks and string. I remember playing hide and seek well into the night until our feet got so cold we couldn't feel them anymore. Then we would go inside to play Super Smash Bros or watch the original Star Wars until we were forced to go to bed. These days I find myself a little more "girly".  I like to do my hair and makeup and I have recently started to wear more sparkly things, but I haven't completely lost my tomboy-ness, as can be seen by my love of leather jackets and poor posture.

    Below is a sampling of my favorite photos. To view my entire portfolio, you can check out my Weddings and Engagements pages or follow me on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest.

    DSC_5799-2000x1350 Estes-park-resort-wedding-sarah-lindsay-photography-2-2000x1333 marissa-ben-vandehy-downtown-louisville-5-2000x1333 teri-brian-engagement-hildebrand-ranch-park-4-2000x1333 uWM-Styled-Shoot-Cheesman-Park-Conifer-sarah-lindsay-photography-29-2000x1333 WM-angela-martin-sprague-aspen-leaves-sarah-lindsay-photography-4-copy-2000x1333 WM-ashlee-chris-sprague-lake-estes-park-sarah-lindsay-photography-2-1000x1400 WM-ashlee-chris-sprague-lake-sarah-lindsay-photography-13-933x1400WM-ashlee-chris-sprague-lake-estes-park-sarah-lindsay-photography-3-1960x1400  WM-norah-andrew-wedding-alluvial-fan-rmnp-estes-park-sarah-lindsay-photography-10-2000x1333 WM-styled-shoot-cheesman-park-conifer-sarah-lindsay-photography-9-1750x1400  WM-Styled-Shoot-Cheesman-Park-Conifer-sarah-lindsay-photography-29-2000x1333 WM-styled-shoot-red-rocks-colorado-elopement-winter-sarah-lindsay-photography-1123-933x1400 WM-styled-shoot-red-rocks-colorado-elopement-winter-sarah-lindsay-photography-1146-933x1400 WM-styled-shoot-red-rocks-colorado-elopement-winter-sarah-lindsay-photography-1308-2000x1333 WM-styled-shoot-red-rocks-colorado-elopement-winter-sarah-lindsay-photography-1369-2000x1333 WM-styled-shoot-red-rocks-colorado-elopement-winter-sarah-lindsay-photography-1521-1750x1400

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    Sarah Lindsay Photography - Professional Wedding Photographer.
  • Rocha & Co Photography | West Virginia Wedding and Portrait Photographer


    Hi! To give a little into to myself, my name is Chelsey and I am a wedding photographer based in Morgantown, WV. My love for wedding photography started with my own wedding and it has grown so much now that I love capturing other's weddings just as much! I cry at every wedding and I don't think that's something that will ever stop!

    Starting out in any business is scary but I was fortunate enough to find a large group fellow photographers that were there to give advice on anything and everything! And a lot of photographers I met in this group have become super close friends!

    This past week, a friend from the group mentioned throwing together a last minute styled shoot and of course I was all in! Hannah, from Hannah Hicks Photography put together this shoot in a matter of days and she made it so beautiful! She was going for a vintage, simplistic, forest style and I think that's just what we captured! Our models were actually sisters that had been married for years now but wanted to put their dresses on again. Older sister, Jenny's dress was actually their moms dress that she wore for her own wedding as well. There was our vintage for sure!

    2016-06-24_0004 2016-06-24_0005 2016-06-24_00062016-06-24_0007 2016-06-24_0008 2016-06-24_0009  2016-06-24_0011 2016-06-24_0012 2016-06-24_0013 2016-06-25_0001 2016-06-25_0002 2016-06-25_0003 2016-06-24_0015

    Being a wedding photographer is something special. Couples trust you enough to let you capture their special day and that's big. My clients become friends and that is something that I can't value enough.

    | Styled shoot, styled and designed by Hannah Hicks Photography, Morgantown, WV |

    COMPANY: Rocha & Co Photography


    SOCIAL: FacebookInstagram


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