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  • The Seasons Of A Senior

    I am so flattered to be featured with Basic Invites! My name is Amanda Wheeler and I own Amanda Wheeler Photography. I am located in the beautiful small town of Helper, Utah. My style of photography is to show emotion, light and tell a story.

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  • The Gift of Storytelling

    Elite Photography TX

    I’m A.D. (Adeyemi Adebiyi), a wedding photographer, husband, father, and friend. Photography is a passion of mine and I love it more than anything else that I do. What I really enjoy is capturing unique moments and fleeting emotions on peoples faces. I like being a part of it. 2017 has already been an incredible year! I have gotten to meet, to know, and photograph so many wonderful couples (engaged, married or dating), and each one of these couples is exactly why I LOVE being a wedding photographer! Photographing the love between two people is just an amazing thing to get to do, and I couldn’t be more grateful that they trusted me to capture some new memories for them! Continue reading

  • It's All In The Details

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    I am a dreamer. I am a photographer. I am a runner. I am happiest when I am outdoors soaking in the sunshine, whether out in the fresh ocean air, between earthy forest walls, far-reaching open fields, or trails I find at my current back door. I have an innate longing to bottle up beauty and experiences to pour them out as joy to others and a remembrance of where I came from. We have control over our wellbeing and part of this is surrounding ourselves with beauty and inspiration in what we see every day. I love cultivating this kind of joy by creating photographs. Continue reading

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