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  • Autumn Lee Studios


    My interest in photography was born totally and completely out of a unquenchable desire to show people their beauty. I was 20 when I was gifted my first film camera and immediately discovered its ability to capture people’s light. After all… that is all photography is, a wrangling of light. And so photographers make pictures using the glow of what ever is around them. I see the glow in people. I can’t help it; the world I live in is full of love, beauty, possibility and most importantly, happiness. And so I take pictures because I want others to see themselves and humanity in the precious lumination of pure love that my camera helps me capture.

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    It’s been nearly 20 years since I held my first camera. Births, deaths, and every celebration in between have supported world travel and filled my picture portfolio. I can truly say that I have been profoundly invested in every minute of this photography journey. However, I do have a favorite thing to make photos of…weddings. Weddings are emotional insanity magic. Let’s pause for real talk; weddings are silly expensive, turbo overwhelming, endlessly stressful and generally full of meaningless drama. All the while, this epic day is orchestrated in fantastically well dressed, picture perfect, slightly intoxicated, organized chaos. Ummm, hello… that’s what the best pictures are made of! And of course, who does not appreciate a good love story to top off the whole vestal hootenanny. I freaking love weddings.


    Me and weddings go together. Here is why…my super power is loving on people and helping them realize that they are safe, cared for, and beautiful. It is the maternal power in me. In particular, I care about the bride. My empathy for her on her wedding day is with out measure. I feel intently protective, invested, and present to her needs and her hopes for her wedding day. I can take a great picture, but I can also care for a bride in a way that makes her shine and feel like a princess and that is the secret ingredient behind a good photo. I capture light with my camera, but first I have to help her light glow as bright as possible. Where light shines there is always beauty. Always.


    At the end of a wedding season I sit down and reflect on the ride. Last year something profound truly impacted me. I had a tremendous number of brides with out mothers. That realization somehow comforted me because I am doing the work I know I was meant to do. Showing up for a bride both as her photographer, her biggest fan, and her emotional support makes me ridiculously happy.


    Recently I was blessed to be able to take wedding pictures in Paris for my cousin. My Aunt passed away a few months before this collectively momentous family event. Her death was sudden and devastating. How can a bride be expected to get married without her mama. My Aunt’s presence was felt and her love covered that whole damn beautiful day. Nothing, truly nothing could even begin to replace her. When a bride’s mommy cannot be physically at the wedding, it is our job as women to step up in the name of sister-hood and care for the bride in surrogacy. I hope more than anything that I do that for my motherless brides.


    When my brides smile I see light everywhere. I am grateful for the maternal flaring in me and I am grateful to have a camera to witness life, light and above all else, love.

    My cousins wedding was AMAZING. A celebration of the highest order. Namaste.

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  • Niki Jones Photography


    Hi! I'm Niki Jones, the creative behind Niki Jones Photography. Though my love for photography started decades ago, I've been in business for a little over two years. My favorite part of this job is having a meaningful impact on families.

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    My Why

    I grew up in a big family. I'm one of five. My mama is one of four and my daddy is one of seven. Family is such a big part of my life and my identity. It's the people who know me best and the place I will always belong. It's my deep love for and appreciation of my family that drives my desire to impact other families.


    At the end of an engagement with a family, I want them to walk away from our experience feeling a little more in love with each other. I give them a tangible reminder of where they belong. Life gets crazy. It can take us in different directions. It can test our tenacity. It can break our hearts. I've learned that with love, patience, and grace, we can create spaces where we will always have a place to belong, a place to refill our hearts, a place to call home. And my goal, with each family, is to create art that will remind them of this.


    Whether it's the arrival of a new soul earth side that makes a family complete, the joyous celebration of a baby's first year of life (and parents' first year of parenthood!), or just a moment of realizing that though the days are long, the years are short, I feel inspired and awestruck each time I am invited to document the seasons of raising a family.

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    My Style

    My style is photojournalistic with an emphasis on connection. I like warmth, I like depth, I like shadows, and I like matte. Sometimes (okay, maybe more than sometimes) I forgo technical accuracy in favor of emotion.

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    While I know photo sessions can be a source of stress, I've created a process to alleviate much of this! I strongly believe in a collaborative planning process. Each family receives a session guide specific to their session. From style of photography for newborns, to locations for family sessions, to wardrobe, and how to prep kiddos and husbands, I've put lots of info in these guides for clients. Knowledge is power and helps families know what to expect, which reduces anxiety.

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    Once clients have read through the guide, we have a couple of conversations. We chat about wardrobe, location, and other important aspects of their session. These conversations help us connect and build trust before our session, two components that lend themselves to a fun and heartwarming photo shoot!

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    While my journey as a creative business owner has had highs and lows, it's one that sets my soul on fire. I feel so incredibly blessed to get to do this job over and over again. So if you find yourself in the Annapolis/Baltimore/DC area, I'd love to connect with you!

    Niki Jones, the creative behind Niki Jone Photography, is a family and newborn photographer based in the coastal town of Annapolis, Maryland. She can be found at her website, on Facebook, and on Instagram


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