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  • Blue Ridge Parkway Engagement


    Hello, lovelies! My name is Ashley Warren and I'm a wedding, portrait and outdoor photographer living in Boone, NC. I live to take photographs--whether that be out on a hike, backpacking, or for an afternoon of adventure with my clients. It's impossible for me to choose any one session or wedding as my favorite as each is my favorite for different reasons. For example, my engagement session with John & Rachel was my favorite session for going on an adventure with clients--and there was so much love <3

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    John & Rachel's session made me smile from start to finish. These two ADORE each other, and I felt so lucky to be able to capture their love. With a wedding date of June 4, 2017, John & Rachel wanted to use their images for save-the-dates to go out in December. So in early October they drove from Raleigh to the NC High Country to traipse around on the Blue Ridge Parkway with me for a delightful afternoon.

    One of my favorite aspects of this session was that I was able to utilize the versatile landscape of the mountains to showcase the beauty of these two lovebirds. We ventured from a tucked away valley with a stream, bridges and a barn to stunning vistas to a dramatic ridge. I am an adventurous spirit and it brings me so much joy when my clients are just as playful. 6C4A86696C4A86306C4A83446C4A84866C4A83616C4A82486C4A83146C4A83176C4A8708

    I work to make my portrait sessions an experience. If my couple has an idea for their engagement session, I aim to curate an afternoon that showcases not only their passion, but their personalities. I'll certainly count this as one of my most memorable engagements with two free-spirits that were up for anything. I'm thrilled to be their photographer in June in Chapel Hill, NC!


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  • Sarah Peach Photography Imagination Sessions


    Hi I'm Sarah Peach from Sarah Peach Photography. I do things a little differently in the world of photography. I am known for being a bit quirky and maybe being a little obsessed with mermaids. Who can really blame me, right? I have a husband, and daughter, who are both a huge part of my photography business. My daughter Jossy (pronounced Jah-see) has been in front of my camera, creating magic, for about 13 years now. We both love fairy tales, unicorns, Harry Potter, and Disney, and we both really love to use our imaginations. Because of my love for all things magic, I decided to incorporate that into my love of photography, and that is how my Imagination Sessions were born.


    My Imagination Sessions started out with requests from my daughter to "make me a mermaid" or "put a rainbow in that picture" or "I should have fairy wings." She tested my Photoshop skills early on, and gave me great practice for when I started to offer these to my clients. This particular Imagination Shoot, featuring Jossy, was a request from her around Halloween time this past year. She asked me if she could be a unicorn again this year, but a medieval looking unicorn. Being the crafty, Halloween obsessed, unicorn loving mom that I am, I decided to make some unicorn horn headpieces myself. After a few dozen tutorials and making about 10 unicorn horns, I finally made 3 unicorn horn headpieces. I loved them so much I begged her to do a unicorn photo shoot with me, she of course agreed!


    I later called up the owner of my favorite local vintage store, Pointe Foure Vintage Boutique, and started planning outfits. One of my very good friends, the owner of Pointe Foure, Emily George, picked out all the amazing outfits you see on Jossy in the shoot, they paired so flawlessly with the unicorn horns. She also let us use some naturally shed deer antlers to add another element to the shoot. I did basic hair and makeup on Jossy, but Photoshopped the more elaborate deer/unicorn makeup and different hair colors on her while editing. I also let Jossy wear a fake nose ring to add to the medieval unicorn feel.

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    This shoot really captures Jossy's heart and soul, and really captures who I am as a person and an artist. The reason I love Imagination Shoots so much is because it's a way for me to stay young at heart. It's a way to give my daughter, and my client's children, magical memories that will last them a lifetime. I hope one day, when Jossy starts a family of her own, I can take my future grandchildren on a magical photo shoot adventure too. If magical photos, imagination, and family are my legacy, I feel like I've done something right in this world.

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    Company: Sarah Peach Photography

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    Wardrobe: Pointe Foure Vintage Boutique


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