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  • Tender Moments Photography - San Diego, CA

    While weddings are joyous, romantic affairs, being thrust into wedding planning mode can quickly become a daunting task for those who are inexperienced.There are so many details that go into wedding planning; however, I am going to focus on three important elements in choosing a wedding photographer for your special day.

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    Photography was something that I always found interest in. Growing up, my father and grandfather both owned digital cameras. I would find any reason that I could to create some sort of "Photo shoot" with family and friends using my grandfather's gear. Sometimes, using myself as the muse! At age 20, I decided that I wanted to try modeling. It sounded great at the time, but I quickly realized that I had no passion for posing. I began finding more interest in what my photographer was doing with his gear, or in Photoshop. My photographer would give me quick lessons in editing in Photoshop during our sessions. I'd then go home and try to replicate the lessons on my own and I fell in love. So much that In May of 2015, I purchased a Canon Rebel T3 in a nearby consignment shop that was practically new and my life changed.

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  • 5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Invitations Look Custom Made


    Hi all! I’m Christina McLeod Caruso, calligrapher, graphic designer, owner and art director at McLeod Caruso Design Co. based in Houston, Texas.  MC Design Co. specializes in unique hand-lettered calligraphy and graphic design for weddings and events, businesses, and individuals. Capturing the beauty of a bygone era and pairing it with innovative, meaningful design and modern techniques assures that each of my clients receives a truly custom final product that reflects their exclusive vision and purpose. Many brides come to me looking for help in making sense of the wedding paper world. It can be a daunting place! Here are a few simple techniques to make choosing your wedding invitations and wedding details a breeze.

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