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  • Ely Roberts Photography

    Greg and Marissa’s proposal has definitely been one of my favorite shoots. I’ve been photographing weddings since 2007 and have only had the opportunity to shoot two real life proposals. Proposing myself, five years ago, I know how nerve racking it can be and how special it is to have that moment photographed.

    Here is a little back-story on this shoot. Marissa has a twin sister, Maddisen, which contacted me to photograph Greg proposing to Marissa. Maddisen, Greg, and myself found a great spot near the falls, and coordinated through Google images as to where would be best for photos. We then decided since Greg and I had never met that I should wear an orange hat to identify myself. When Greg and Marissa reached the falls, he would ask me to take a photo of them with his iphone, and then he would propose! The plan worked flawlessly, and I was able to video their proposal from a second camera on a tripod.

    It’s shoots like these and all the weddings that I get to capture couples in some of their happiest moments. I couldn’t think of a better job where I can combine happy people with my favorite hobby.

    Oregon-Wedding-Photographer-1002 Oregon-Wedding-Photographer-1003 Oregon-Wedding-Photographer-1005 Oregon-Wedding-Photographer-1006  Oregon Wedding Photographer Oregon Wedding Photographer

    I have photographed well over 200 weddings and I love that everyone is unique and special in their own way.

    I love getting to meet new couples and learning more about who they are as a couple.

    Watch it on YouTube Here.

    Oregon Wedding Photographer Oregon Wedding Photographer Oregon Wedding Photographer Oregon Wedding Photographer Oregon Wedding Photographer Oregon Wedding Photographer Oregon Wedding Photographer Oregon Wedding Photographer Oregon Wedding Photographer  Oregon Wedding Photographer Oregon Wedding Photographer

     If you’re looking for a photographer in the US or beyond, get in touch with me here:

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  • Belle Marie Art and Photography

    Hello there, I am a Huntington Beach, California Child Photographer and I love what I do. I specialize in newborns, children and seniors. I have been in business since May 2011 and moved to Huntington Beach, CA about two years ago. I started out like most photographers, photographing anything and everything that would let me take their picture. I worked with a few newborns and seniors starting out and I just knew that this was what I wanted to do forever.

    I did this session for my best friend so she would have beautiful photos of her three adorable girls. The only child that wanted to participate in photos was her eldest daughter Shiloh, she was the best helping keep her baby sister wrangled and always had a smile on her face. She is usually the hardest child to wrangle because she is such a free spirit and only wants to do what she wants to do so I was very weary of how the session would go, and Rylee is usually the one that always listens. It was a funny change of scene because they totally switched from what I thought was going to happen. Rylee was just way to interested in everything else and wanted to go explore in every direction. She wanted to go everywhere and climb on everything but that is just what happens when you are dealing with a three year old. And Cali really hated the grass so she was not happy about the situation from the start. Truly one of my favorite child sessions, wrangling 3 girls under the age of 4 can be difficult but I had so much fun running around the park with them, and I got to hang out with my best friend.

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    Shiloh-rylee-cali-low-w-15 shiloh-rylee-cali-01 Shiloh-rylee-cali-low-w-17

    I had the idea to have all of the girls in chambray type clothes that complimented each other with pops of white since I knew we would be photographing in a park with a lot of green grass, trees, and shrubs. So we needed something to compliment the green and make them pop, and look angelic like the little angels they are! You always have to think about the surroundings of where you are photographing and what colors will compliment that and not clash with the surroundings or take the focus away from your subject. I always like to stay to plain colors, or light patterns like in the girls shirts with little stripes that add texture but do not distract from the photo. shiloh-rylee-cali-02 shiloh-rylee-cali-03 Shiloh-rylee-cali-low-w-22 Shiloh-rylee-cali-low-w-28 shiloh-rylee-cali-04

    I truly love working with children they are so spunky and you never know what they are going to do. I am even going to school to become a preschool teacher. Being a photographer has shown me another love and that is children and brought me into wanting to be a teacher. I cannot see my self doing anything else but working with children. shiloh-rylee-cali-05 Shiloh-rylee-cali-low-w-37 shiloh-rylee-cali-06 Shiloh-rylee-cali-low-w-40 Shiloh-rylee-cali-low-w-42 Shiloh-rylee-cali-low-w-44 Shiloh-rylee-cali-low-w-46

    Looking for a photographer in the Orange County area? Well if you like my style please contact me and we can set up a meeting to talk about what type of session you are interested in. Mention this blog post and Basic Invite and receive 15% off your session fee.

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  • Stephanie Benge Photography

    I'm Stephanie Benge and I'm a Tennessee and Destination wedding photographer. I LOVE WEDDINGS. I love pretty dresses, I love flowers, I love pretty paper, I love dancing, I especially love cake. It's amazing that I've found a career that manages to feature all of the things I enjoy most. I think it's important that the professionals involved in making a wedding day go smoothly truly enjoy what they do. I get so much joy from being a part of someone's wedding day and creating timeless images for the couple to enjoy and share with their loved ones.


    My style is natural and clean. I use almost all natural light, and try my best to create natural posing from my subjects. I edit in a way that renders clean, light final images. On a wedding day I really try to take a photojournalistic approach and include many candid, unposed photos. My brides always love the photos they didn't even realize I took!


    I love working with creative, relaxed, and fun couples. I'm always up for trying something new or going on an adventure and I want my couples to do the same! My favorite weddings are intimate, and full of special details that highlight the couple's personality. I always get so excited when I show up at a wedding and see something new!


    While being a wedding photographer is my job, it doesn't always feel like it. I create real and lasting friendships with my clients and their families. It's an honor to be included in someone's wedding day - and I don't take that lightly. I'm so thankful for all of the people who allow me in their inner circle for one of the most important days of their lives.


    This engagement shoot was taken in Nashville, Tennessee last fall. I love it because the colors outside were incredible and I had so much fun with Whitney and Ethan. I can't wait for their wedding in June!

    I would love to talk to you about documenting your love story.


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