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  • Geting to know Cristi Kearn Photography


    I am Cristi Kearn of Cristi Kearn Photography. I have been a photographer for as long as I can remember.  As a young kid, I could sit for hours looking through my grandparents' or my parents' old photos studying the composition, the exposure and the feelings those historic family images gave me.  I remember loving an old Poloroid Onestep camera that my family had acquired. I could easily use up an entire box of film in an afternoon. When I was in high school, my dad bought our family's first 35mm film camera, and I thought we had won the lottery. And when he let me use it to take a photography class with Mr. Dreyfus, I was even more thrilled.  It was during those high school photography classes that my love affair with photography blossomed.

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    Recently, I shot this family session for a client I met through a local sales exchange. My husband and I were selling some items that our sons had outgrown, and Christy messaged me wanting to buy one. When she arrived at my house, she asked me for my business card. It turned out she would be needing a photographer for some family pictures.  Not long after that, we met on my farm in the foothills of the Temecula Valley in Southern California where I was able to photograph her lovely family.

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    As a photographer, there is nothing more special than being able to freeze time and encapsulate it in a lasting image for a family. There was no exception for the Tillman Family. To date, they are perhaps my favorite clients.  Clients who are authentic, engaging and sweet but who also appreciate your work are the best kind.

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    Cristi Kearn Photography is currently moving to San Antonio, Texas.  Friends and customers who have hired me describe me as organized, kind, fun and most of all someone who genuinely cares about my clients. I believe every picture I take should be frame-worthy.  If you like what you see, have any inquiries or would like to book a Wedding or Portrait Session with Cristi Kearn Photography, please call me at (858) 774-9630 or email me at,  if you prefer to contact me that way.

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  • Getting to know Framework Photography


    As a mother with a passion for photography, I have honed my skills to capture those moments we sometimes miss. The gentle touch of a loved one. The glow of someone’s face in the sun. The magic of an engagement. The joy of two people just enjoying one another. These are the things we sometimes miss in our busy days, but things I yearn to capture.

    The Venue

    As owner of Framework Photography I am very blessed to live in and capture the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. There is nothing better than capturing the true energy and personality of people as individuals. My photography style is fun and unique to each client. Each time I bring out my camera it is a new adventure. I have had the pleasure of shooting engagements, weddings, new babies, families, friends and of course, my children. Each time brings new surprises and I’m constantly learning and sharpening my abilities.

    Recently I shot a wedding for a couple that I had just met over the Summer. The couple had tons of spunk and creativity during the event. Not only were they willing to receive my ideas, but they were also excited to implement their own as well.

    The CoupleThe DressThe BrideThe Family

    As I do with all my clients, I met with them before the event to discuss my expectations as well as theirs. I always have a vision of how I would love for things to go but I am always open to ideas of my clients of what they are hoping for as well. Somewhere in between our ideas, the magic happens!

    The GoofinessThe GirlsWedding-Shoot-10-of-1-Small

    I arrived an hour early as always to ensure any last minute details were ironed out. The venue was the very gorgeous Fern Hollow in Sequim, WA. It was rustic and full of Autumn colors. I shot the wedding myself, without an assistant as I usually do. Doing this involves much planning and communication and lets me be personal with my clients. I am very confident in shooting weddings myself and have done it multiple times. It allows me the freedom to capture the special moments that may be missed in all the hustle and bustle of these most special days.

    The GuysThe SymbolsThe Cake

    I want my clients to have the special memories captured on film so they might look back and share them with their children. I want them to look back and remember the exceptional moments that I had the pleasure of capturing for them.

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