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    Hey everyone! Lindsay with LRA Photography & Design here. If you would have told my high school self that I would own my own photography and graphic design business one day I would have never believed you. Now, I'm doing something I truly love that brings me so much joy.A little bit about me...I spent four years teaching elementary school and realized very quickly that was not the way I wanted to spend my days. I went back to school and earned a degree in graphic design. After taking a photography class one semester I felt like I had found my true calling. Fast forward three years and here I am.I primarily photograph families, children, and newborns. I have to say newborn sessions have a special place in my heart ever since I became a mother myself. Those first few days of your child's life are so incredibly special and I feel honored that people choose me to document those moments. I would describe my style as natural, timeless and in the moment. I never want photos to feel forced or too posed. I want my clients to look back 20 years from now and still love their photos as much as they did the first time they saw them.Eliza's newborn session is one of my absolute favorites. One thing I love about this session are the neutral tones. I only do in home newborn sessions and I love when a client's home helps set the tone for the session. I always incorporate heirloom pieces such as quilts and blankets that have special meaning for my clients. I also love any chance  to incorporate a family pet into the session. Huck couldn't resist modeling and stealing some of the spotlight. Everything about Jemma's newborn session was just perfection. She was so calm throughout our entire session and her beautiful nursery made for the most perfect backdrop. I rely solely on natural light for all of my photography sessions which can be risky, but this white-walled nursery with all of this natural light pouring through helped to create an airy feel to these photos. 

    I love when clients find a way to make a session unique. For this session Jemma's grandparents and even her great grandmother came to get photos with their sweet new addition. Now that I only have one living grandparent I realize just how special photos like these will be one day. Each and every session I do is special in it's own way. I never want a session to feel exactly the same. I want the session to reflect the family I'm photographing. The biggest compliment I can get as a photographer is when a family tells me that I truly captured them.

  • 3 Top Reasons Why you Need an Engagement Session

    One of my closest friends got engaged the other day and I couldn’t be happier for any two people in the world. Ellie’s parents threw them an impromptu engagement party right after Josh proposed. When I walked into the front door, Ellie was the first person I saw. I ran up to her, squealed, hugged and then of course looked at the ring. As I was holding up her hand in awe, all these amazing engagement photo ideas came whirling through my head. “We have to schedule your engagement session for late April” I said, still holding her hand up and admiring the ring. “Actually, Josh and I don’t really see the point in an engagement session, we’ll just get photos at our wedding. I am so glad you are here! You will have to help me plan the wedding.” And with that, she moved on to the next squealing friend and I stood there for at least a minute thinking about all the reasons why every couple should have an engagement session no matter what… and here is why.

    1. Your Journey - No two relationships are the same. No matter how long you have been together. If you and your SO have been dating for months, years or even decades, it’s your story and your journey that brought you to this moment. To this commitment. It is the two of you who worked hard to build the foundation of your relationship. It is the two of you who decided to communicate and compromise when you weren’t seeing eye to eye. It was the two of you who overcame obstacles together, who leaned on each other through the good times and the bad and who put love and care into your connection that it has became way more than just a relationship. It has become a life together. A future together. You and your SO are partners in crime and let me tell ya, that is no easy feat.

    2. Celebrating your love - You are in love. You are in pre-wedding bliss, well kind of. These months, or years, depending on who you are, are full of this long check list. You need to fit all of these things in. There is the engagement party, venue tours, cake testing, yards and yards of tulle, the list seems to go on and on. You are stressed out because you don’t know if you should go with tulips or roses for your bouquet. Your mom, god bless her heart, is calling you with a million little wedding decisions every day and at this point, it feels like the wedding will never get here and you just want to be married already! Well, don’t worry, your wedding day will all come together. The bridesmaids will miraculously all love the same dress, you will pick out the perfect center pieces and all the little details will come together. So do yourself a favor, take some time and plan for a plan-less afternoon. Schedule your engagement session;It will let you and your SO take time away from the crazy wedding planning, the constant phone calls and the endless pinning on Pinterest. It let’s you take a step back from all the madness and just be yourselves.3. Creativity/ Casual - Your wedding day will be planned out to the tee. There will be a timeline. There will be a specific location. There will be a certain way to dress, and there will be many, many people waiting to congratulate you. On the other hand, your engagement session has no rules (well, let’s at least keep it legal guys). You can wear whatever you want, you can go wherever you want and there will be a much more lenient timeline. If you and your BAE love tacos, we can take a walk to your favorite Taco Stand. If you love birds walked around Rittenhouse Square Park on your first date, let’s go there. If you and the SO play chess in your free time, bring a chess board! Engagement sessions are all about who you are as a couple and you deserve to document your relationship in a fun, casual, this-is-us-kinda-way. 

    It is never a bad idea to take some time away from your busy lives; away from work, future mother-in-laws and from your crazy long to-do lists to have some quality time with your one and only. This is the person who is promising to be by your side, promising to embark on the beautiful journey of life with you and promising to put you on the top of their priority list now and for forever.

  • I Never Thought I'd Be Here

    When I was 18 and off to my first day at college, I never imagine I'd end up where I am now. Four years later, I'm a 20-something post-grad, living on my own, paying my own bills, and spending the majority of my free time on my computer on the Adobe workshop. Most folks would say that i'm wasting my young years by spending so much time on little things, but I'd tell them that my life is much better because of photography.

    About Me

    Let's back up a second here. Hi, I'm Kendall Surratt, a photographer based out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. You can often find me on the couch with my cat, a book, a comfy blanket (even in 90 degree weather!), and a cup of coffee!  My passions lie in photography (obviously), animals, children, and my Christian faith. I work mainly with a Nikon D3400 series camera with only a 55mm and a telephoto lens. Special thanks to my dad for the best birthday present! My long-term goal for my photography is to be a full-time photographer within the next five years so that I might be able to settle down with a family.

    As a photographer, I've prefer to focus on the natural beauty of the subject. I think there can be a multitude of added edits to make photographs look so incredibly beautiful, but that's not quite my style. I'm a pretty simple person myself, low-maintenance if you will, so I like to reflect a simplicity in my photographs. There's nothing better than a shot of natural laughter that reflects the personality of the subject. I often just adjust the exposure and contrast on a shot.

    The best advice I ever received regarding photography is that a editing only adds to the photograph - a good picture starts in the camera!

    My Favorite Shoot

    In my most recent shoot, I did some senior pictures for a very good family friend of mine. Our personalities are very similar in that we are both quiet, slightly reserved, and a little bit awkward. I've known this gal since she was 10 years old (and now she's graduating - I can't believe it!), and she's transformed into this beautiful young lady. I asked her to make a Pinterest board, which I do with all my clients, and we were set!

    I can't stress enough how important it is to relate to, and create a sense of rapport with your clients because it makes the entire shoot go so smooth! We spent 7 hours snapping pictures and four different locations around Sioux Falls. At the end of the day, I was beyond exhausted, but I was proud of myself for getting so many shots! I've included one of my favorite shots of this gal and her coffee cup. I stood outside and joked, "Do you want pictures with coffee?" And I tell you what, she was so excited we just couldn't not go in and order a cup!

    The majority of the shots here have a sense of laughter, which I believe makes the shot authentic. I try to make my subjects not feel like they're being posed to look unnatural. I'm even uncomfortable having to really pose my subjects, so if I can just get them to laugh, it usually turns out looking great!

    Check out the photos from my latest shoot of Miss Lauren, a senior from Minnesota!

    Keep snapping,


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