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    Hi I’m Sam, I'm based in Winchester, Hampshire where I live with my beautiful wife, Emma and work mostly in the South East of England.   I bought my first camera when I started college at sixteen. I picked up a cheap Centon 35mm camera with one of my first paychecks. Whilst all my friends were playing with phones with instant but cheap and blurry camera phones, I found happiness in pointing my little Centon at all of my friends, taking it out any chance I got.

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    In the last ten years, I’ve spent countless hours taking and editing photos. Learning more and more but still keeping the same ethos that photos of people are worth keeping.    I love capturing people in their favourite places, standing back and seeing the interactions between people and each other or their environments. My style has always been to not intrude and capture natural shots, that’s why I’ve never spent much time in studio spaces but much prefer to go to my clients houses or places that are special to them.   This shoot is of one of my favourite couples on their engagement shoot.

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    As you can tell from the photos, they’re so much fun to be around and weren’t afraid to be themselves in front of the camera. They didn’t take themselves too seriously but wanted the shoot to reflect who they are. We found a beautiful woods near Jess’ house and took some photos as we walked and spoke about their upcoming wedding.

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    I’d met Jess and Rapha through one of their bridesmaids but they instantly treated me as a friend which made the whole shoot so enjoyable as we got to know each other. That relationship is so important between photographers and the people they’re working with. I’ve shot events where I’m asked to turn up, shoot and email the photos over later but the results are always better and it’s more fun when there’s time to get to know each other first.   The engagement shoot is important not only to get the couple comfortable in front of the camera but to build anticipation for their big day.

    R&J - Engagement Shoot-32R&J - Engagement Shoot-33

    From my own wedding, I know that so much wedding planning is spreadsheets and phone calls that the tangible elements are so important, cake tasting, seeing the printed invites, and engagement shoots all make the build up much more enjoyable.   I can’t wait to shoot Jess and Rapha’s wedding in a couple of weeks!

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    Romance prelude-3

    I recently had the honor to photograph a wedding proposal on the beach in Naples, Florida.  These weren't the structured "engagement photos" that many couples have made, rather this was the actual process of Damen asking Samantha to marry him.  These photographs capture the love and joy they feel for each other as well as documenting a major life event.

    The photo session was orchestrated by Damen.  He asked Samantha if she would like to take a romantic beach walk to see the sunset, and what women would say no to romance?  Meanwhile, I was also on the beach "photographing birds" with a long telephoto lens, but my real purpose was to capture the engagement as it happened.  The emotions were real, and they were wonderful.Marry me

    This is the moment that Damen asked Samantha to marry him.  Samantha was blown away with Damen's proposal. Happiness v2Samantha's expression is priceless.  I was able to capture surprise, love, and amazement in the same photograph.  Damen was exceptionally pleased that the proposal was so well received.  Note the ring in his hand. . .

    What do you do after a proposal?  Hug and kiss, of course!Hugs

    At this point, Damen let Samantha know the extent of his planning . . . the guy with the big camera (me!) was not on the beach to photograph birds, but rather to capture the proposal and the emotions as they happened. You can see the surprise in Samantha's reaction to that amount of planning on Damen's part, as he said "look, there's our photographer!"Romance_05

    Playful and happy with each other, the couple took a walk through the surf.

    Then they stopped, and I was able to take a more conventional photograph of the happy couple.  The emotions are real, and this is the type of photograph that they will enlarge and put on display both at the wedding reception and in their home.



    And finally, a few photos for the "save the date" card from Basic Invite:

    Jeremy & Sarah74also Romance_08

    As a photographer, this is the kind of work that keeps me happy with my job.  I shared the emotions of the proposal and the loving warmth of the aftermath.  You can't create these emotions in a structured photo session.  As pretty and romantic as my regular engagement photographs are, "Romance on the Beach" has a level of spontaneity, true happiness, and romantic expression that are unique, unposed, natural, and real.  Congratulations to Damen and Samantha — may you always keep love and happiness in your life!

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