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  • Getting to know Framework Photography


    As a mother with a passion for photography, I have honed my skills to capture those moments we sometimes miss. The gentle touch of a loved one. The glow of someone’s face in the sun. The magic of an engagement. The joy of two people just enjoying one another. These are the things we sometimes miss in our busy days, but things I yearn to capture.

    The Venue

    As owner of Framework Photography I am very blessed to live in and capture the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. There is nothing better than capturing the true energy and personality of people as individuals. My photography style is fun and unique to each client. Each time I bring out my camera it is a new adventure. I have had the pleasure of shooting engagements, weddings, new babies, families, friends and of course, my children. Each time brings new surprises and I’m constantly learning and sharpening my abilities.

    Recently I shot a wedding for a couple that I had just met over the Summer. The couple had tons of spunk and creativity during the event. Not only were they willing to receive my ideas, but they were also excited to implement their own as well.

    The CoupleThe DressThe BrideThe Family

    As I do with all my clients, I met with them before the event to discuss my expectations as well as theirs. I always have a vision of how I would love for things to go but I am always open to ideas of my clients of what they are hoping for as well. Somewhere in between our ideas, the magic happens!

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    I arrived an hour early as always to ensure any last minute details were ironed out. The venue was the very gorgeous Fern Hollow in Sequim, WA. It was rustic and full of Autumn colors. I shot the wedding myself, without an assistant as I usually do. Doing this involves much planning and communication and lets me be personal with my clients. I am very confident in shooting weddings myself and have done it multiple times. It allows me the freedom to capture the special moments that may be missed in all the hustle and bustle of these most special days.

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    I want my clients to have the special memories captured on film so they might look back and share them with their children. I want them to look back and remember the exceptional moments that I had the pleasure of capturing for them.

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  • Jackie Lamas - International Photographer


    Hi Everyone!  I'm Jackie.  I have been a photographer for about 10 years now specializing in weddings and portraits.  I got started in photography during my time in college while I was taking an intro to photography class and just fell in love.  I loved how it gave me an outlet to create and to offer something to the world.  After doing an internship with a great photographer and mentor, I fell even more in love with weddings and photographing people.  Photography is so powerful and even more so when it is of people you love.  That is what makes it worthwhile!


    I now live in the Rivera Nayarit in Mexico (Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, Punta de Mita) and love to photograph destination weddings.  It was a big change moving from sunny California to Mexico however, it has been such a wonderful experience to fully immerse myself in the culture and continue to do what I love best: photographing people.

    G-F__0566_jackielamas G-F__0624_jackielamas

    Weddings are my favorite, mostly because I am a hopeful romantic and enjoy hearing how two people met and decided on forever together.  What I love most is when my clients allow me to go on adventures with them and be a part of their story.


    For me it's about creating something that reflects who my clients are as individuals and ultimately as a couple.  It's about their love story coming to life through the power of photographs.  When I can create that for a couple, then I know I have done my job!


    Like Gabriela and Fernando.  Their wedding in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico was an intimate, romantic, and beautiful beach front wedding full of love.  With only their close family and friends to share in such a joyous moment.  I was in awe of their love and all the emotions that flowed through out the entire day.

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