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  • Because life is too beautiful not to capture. Melanie Rissi | Natural Light Photographer | Cedar Rapids & Marion, Iowa


    Hi! My name is Melanie Rissi and I am a natural light photographer out of small town Marion, Iowa. When I was first asked to be featured for this blog, I was like, “What?!? Me?” What I do is so simple and natural. I don’t do anything wild and crazy. I believe our lives are beautiful, sometimes we just need to look at things from the right angle to see that. I just capture little moments and display snapshots of life as beautiful as they are.


    Why do I do what I do?

    Becoming a photographer was never in my plans. I earned a business degree, landed a desk job at a manufacturing company, and then I had children. Naturally my life started to revolve around my kiddos. I loved every moment I could spend with them even the little day to day things. It didn’t take me long to realize that those days, weeks, and years would go so fast. Those were the moments that needed to be savored and the memories that needed to be kept. So, I started taking pictures. I got my hands on a camera and instantly fell in love.


    It is impossible for me to pinpoint a favorite session. There are so many things that make sessions my favorite. I am passionate about working with young children. They’re pure. They’re innocent. They’re funny. And they do what they want! I love just capturing them as they are. To me that’s what a photo is all about- capturing a memory, preserving a moment, and telling a story.


    My milestone sessions are my favorites because the kids really do all of the work. I show up with my camera but I let them play, explore, and laugh. I get to capture babies as they’re  learning to sit. I capture them when they find their toes and realize how amazing those little piggies are. I capture them when they’re learning to stand. I capture them when they push their Tonka trucks through the mud. I capture them when they dance to their favorite Mickey Mouse song, ride their favorite bike, throw snow at their siblings, or toss rocks into a creek. What I do is not anything crazy or glamorous. It’s those little kiddos that have taught me to appreciate the simple things and love every little moment. The best thing about my photos is they serve as a memory to look back and realize that it was those simple little moments that made the biggest impact. To me that is beautiful.


    Because life is too beautiful not to capture.

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  • Nolan Campbell Photography | Colorado Wedding Photographer


    My name is Nolan and I am the owner and principle photographer of Nolan Campbell Photography. I am lucky to be based in central Colorado, a state that offers some of the most beautiful natural backdrops a photographer could ask for. I've been a professional photographer for over ten years and every year I have grown and evolved. While I started my career in the news industry, I more recently found my passion to be documenting weddings.

    Colorado Wedding PhotographyNOLO5940

    About four years ago, my wife encouraged me to expand my profession beyond television news. At that time, I don't think I knew what a wild ride I was about to start! Within a matter of weeks I had resigned my position as a photojournalist and had booked my first wedding. Needless to say, I was terrified. That first wedding feels like ages ago, but the memories I hold of it are still vivid and bright, just like every wedding I shoot.

    Colorado Wedding PhotographyColorado Wedding Photography

    Every couple I have photographed in the past four years holds a very special place in my heart. While their love and passion may ring familiar notes, they are all unique and lively individuals in their own right. The singularity of each wedding I shoot and the loving and caring personalities I have met along the way are what fuel my passion for wedding photography. Colorado Wedding Photography Colorado Wedding Photography  Colorado Wedding Photography

    My clients refer to my style as editorial or lifestyle - to be honest, I don't think I have a name for my style. I simply capture moments. My intent for every wedding or engagement I shoot is that the images I capture should look the way the moment felt. The photos should evoke emotions, spark memories, or even bring tears to eyes.


    Colorado Wedding Photography

    In addition to capturing still images, I also provide cinematography services to my clients. After eight years as a news photojournalist, I viewed video as my medium of choice. In many ways video still speaks to me more than I can express. While I have found a true passion for still photography, video has a fine way of capturing movement and expression. No matter which medium my client chooses, I am happy (giddy even) to provide them with mementos that tug at their heart strings.

    Colorado Wedding Photography Colorado Wedding Photography

    While I may not have a favorite wedding or session, I can't help but share some of my favorite moments in this post. While all of them feature the beauty of Colorado's gorgeous light or landscapes, each of them highlights the unique emotion and passion of couples who I have found to be inspirational in their love. If you have your own love story that you would like me to capture, whether with still photographs or video, please feel free to shoot me an email or give me a call. I look forward to hearing your vision!

    Company: Nolan Campbell Photography


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