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    Michelle VanTine Photography

    Michelle of Michelle VanTine Photography has had the the joy of being a commercial photographer since 2005. She was introduced to the art of photography in college, while getting her Art degree and would spend long nights in the dark room developing prints the good old-fashioned way.

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    She has a strong base in manual film photography and has grown to love the possibilities digital photography offers.

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    Her background in Fine Arts has brought a definitive influence to her work. In all her shoots, she has a goal to inject creativity, uniqueness, and an artistic touch. She loves photographing anything outside of the box.  She loves to photograph clients in edgy, urban settings, or drag vintage furniture out to a grassy, romantic field.

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    She has been known to mount a bride on a dreamy white horse, lie her down in a blanket of colorful leaves, or have her run through a field of vibrant sunflowers or lavender. “I'm not confined to one genre... just anything artistic!”

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    Michelle loves to create beautiful custom work for each client, thinking up one-of-a kind shoots to suit their unique personalities.  And because of her love of creating one of a kind work Michelle has been recognized by Two Bright Lights, Washingtonian Bride & Groom, Wedding Wire, and even the Washington Post.

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    Michelle is based in the D.C./Alexandria VA. area, but loves traveling for weddings. You may contact them via any of the below links.

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  • Golightly Images


    Hello there!  I’m Amber and I am the photographer behind Golightly Images.  I am a Texas girl thru and thru, working down here in Dallas.  I love all things Texas and am super proud of my deep west Texas roots.  But more than anything,  I believe in LOVE.  I believe in happily ever after.  And I believe in capturing your happily ever after beautifully.  My inspiration behind my business is Breakfast At Tiffanys.  Something I once read that resonated with me, was that I am two parts timelessnes and one part trendy.  After all, who could possibly be more timeless, yet trendy, than Holly Golightly?

    The wedding that I am showing off today was located at a lovely venue in Ft Worth, TX.  Lindsey and John had a beautiful wedding surrounded by their closest friends and family.   Lindsey did almost all of the decor herself chosing bottles and succulents to set the table.  Music is important to Lindsey and John, and they incorporated old LP's to have guests sign as their wedding guest book.  But what I enjoyed most about their wedding was the feeling of love that radiated from them.  You just knew, while you where there, that even tho it was THEIR day, they were so honored you were there for them.  Everyone who was there was special to them.  It was a wonderful evening and I left feeling grateful to know them and honored to have captured their special day.

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