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  • The Lovely "In-Between" Season

    I am so happy to have been asked to share a little bit about myself and my business.  But I am challenged. As I am sitting here, the weather outside is dreary and rainy and the landscape is still brown and barren, as spring hasn't really sprung here in North Dakota yet.  And its with the rain running down my windows, that I am also looking through my recent past sessions to choose which is my favorite to share with you all.  And I am thinking.....I don't have a favorite.  My recent sessions from the late fall through the early spring all have this somewhat bleak look....and I love it!  So, I will not be sharing a session but a season.  This time I lovingly call the "in-between" time. Its the time in North Dakota where we are in between the traditional pretty seasons for outdoor photography.  And it's usually cold, and sometimes very very cold!  Its the time photographers usually hunker down and wait for the sun to bring back the green.  But I have found this "in-between" time to be quite beautiful.  The soft neutral colors of the bare branches create gorgeous textures.  The snow softens the scene and creates pretty blankets over the landscape.  Add some great outfits in light neutral colors (or a wedding gown) and  maybe some pops of color here and there and we end up with some quite stunning portraits that are bit out of the norm.

    Its just takes an adventurous spirit to brave the cold and a little trust in me to find a beautiful "in-between" location!

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  • A Perfect August Wedding

    5 (2)Howdy and thanks for checking out my page! My name is Jesse Knutson and I am a full time professional photographer out of Bismarck, ND.

    I grew up with the studio photography environment with my Father who was also a Studio owner and full time professional photographer for over 30 years. For me, photography became my passion while living in Australia and traveling around the globe. My hand turned into my camera.

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  • Capturing Moments For Lasting Memories



    It is such a sweet moment, the moment right after a couple says "I do." In that sweet little moment two people become one. They make a commitment to each other to love one another with a fierce love that just shuts out everything and everyone else around them. In that moment, only they exist. It is that moment, the love between two individuals, that I love to photograph.

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