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  • {Oceanshore Photography} San Diego Fine Art Portrait & Wedding Photography by Sandra Kourah

    Capturing Stories of Heart & Soul

    A diamond in the rough is how I see the world. I look through my lens and words come to mind, from each wave that washes ashore to embrace the grains of sand that provides me my sanctuary, to the gurgles and giggles of little angels, to the quiet stolen unseen moment between a bride and her groom as they begin their journey to forever. I believe in each one of us lies dormant untapped possibilities; I believe in every choice we make we can choose to tap into our unlimited possibilities and to see the world as an unlimited source of brilliance I believe in capturing the heart & soul of your story.

    While all my sessions are dear to me as I watch love unfold in every session, this Wedding was one in particular very dear to my heart. I chose to photograph my best friends wedding day instead of be a bridesmaid.


    I went back and forth between wanting to be part of her special day or capture it. I must say I am very glad I chose to capture her day because I was able to give her something she will cherish for always, her story captured in time.

    I am a storyteller. I am an artist. I am a sister, Auntie and doggie mommy to silly Jax. I live to capture stories as they unfold naturally and as they are surrounded by the natural light that dances, twirls and falls just so to help me paint true natural beauty, inside and out. My studio is the world around us, capturing moments, natural smiles, and natural expressions. I will do whatever it takes to capture the very essence of an emotion, whether it is a stolen glance of undying devotion, a ripple of contagious laughter, a blazing sunset, a majestic mountain terrain, or a new days promising sunrise.

    This is her story. This is the Story of their Love. Captured.

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    I have learned that the ultimate happiness in life is to do what makes you smile, because life is a gift. Photography makes me smile. To capture a moment in a photograph that will last a lifetime and beyond is something very rare and special to each individual. Capturing stories is what makes my heart sing. At the end of the day our lives are a compilation of moments past, moments present, and of moments yet to happen. And to encompass them in a photograph enables us to treasure that moment with us forever. It allows us to pass on our life legacy and to pass on insights for generations..

    So smile, shine, and tell your {Story} <3

    Oceanshore Photography


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    Bridal Shower Invitation Ideas

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  • Arli Quinn Photography - New Love Photographer, Virginia

    Hi there! I am so excited to be a guest here with Basic Invite. My name is Arli and I am the creator at Arli Quinn Photography . I am a new love photographer with an aspiration to inspire all that I meet. I took a chance at giving my dream a fighting chance in 2010 and I haven't looked back. My passion in my business is my clients. Capturing for them a lifelong memory of the love that they share is an immeasurable time peace, a timestamp on the heart that is permanently marked for all to enjoy. My photography style I would say is soft with a whimsical and romantic feel. I capture my clients moments and make them feel as if they are the only beings in existence.


    I have many favorite weddings and sessions that I have had the honor of photographing, it is hard to choose just one to share with you today. This wedding that I am sharing is one that has left a timestamp on my heart personally. Michael and Britley with their families welcomed me as if I were family and the love that poured from every person in attendance was overwhelming. The look that you witnessed with the two of them made you feel the love that they have for one another. Every detail was perfectly planned and dreamt but the details weren't what mattered to them. This day of promises and commitment is exactly why I love my clients and my business. I am forever grateful for the love and support that I've been given by all of my clients and followers. Please enjoy Michael and Britleys beautiful New Kent Virginia wedding at the The Vintager Inn . If you or someone you know is planning a wedding I would love to speak with you!

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    If you would like to see more of my work please follow the below links to social media sites:

    Facebook  Instagram  Twitter  Arli Quinn Photography Blog  Arli Quinn Website  Pinterest

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