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  • Bryden Giving Photographer

    Hey, friends! I'm an occupational therapy student specializing in pediatrics who also is a photographer. I'm a traveling photographer based in Saint Paul, Minnesota and my mission as a photographer has been to photograph with intention. I want to inspire and empower humanity through people, love, and photo essays. Capturing colors, cultures, hopes, and dreams, all further deepen my passion for what I do. I am a photojournalist; there is a unique sense of wonder when documenting and telling a story with photos.

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  • oxana Alex Photography

    In modern times, having several pictures of oneself is absolutely normal. There are cameras in phones, computers, anything. But, when I grew up, I did not have any photos of myself. This sense of loss sparked a strong desire. I needed to take ever-lasting memories of my children through the art of photography. How could I master this? What could I leave behind for my  children so that they did not feel the same loss that I once did? And so, I began studying photography.

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  • San Francisco Photographer Captures the Wedding Spirit

    "You may now kiss the groom." And boy, did she!

    Clearly, as a bride-to-be, you have many choices among the area's capable wedding photographers. I joke that there’s probably more wedding photographers around here than there are brides! While that may be an exaggeration, it’s vitally important that you find one whose photographic style inspires you.

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