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  • Beach Engagement

    Hi. I am Olga, a wedding and portrait photographer from the Philippines.

    In 2009, I chanced upon an exhibit by the Baguio Photographer’s Club inside a mall. I was immensely inspired by their work that I contacted the club President and asked how to become a member.  Until now I find it funny that aside from my phone’s cam and a plastic action sampler, I did not have a real camera at that time but I felt the need to ask.  Found out their only requirement was an interest in photography, not fancy cameras.  From there, I met several amazing people, mentors and made new friends.  In photo walks, workshops and even in social media, we get to inspire one another by pulling each other up in the photography learning curve.

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  • Boudoir photographer starts a trend....

    BOUDOIR AFICIONADO for all women out there who believe they are not sexy..... I happen to believe that we are all beautiful.  During my sessions I am all about helping you find your sexy, YOUR SWEET SPOT. The feel good place where your alter ego starts to take over your body and you begin to trust that your beautiful as you feel. That you are in fact a romantic and sensual goddess. We all have that woman inside of us. I just help you awaken her inner slumber.

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  • Monthly Baby Stickers

    Capture your baby's monthly milestones with these baby onesie stickers. All you have to do is download the printable baby stickers, print them out on sticker paper, cut them and apply them onto your baby's shirt, bodysuit or Onesie. Take a ton of fun photos and document each of babies first 12 months. Share you baby photos on Facebook, Instagram, your blog or per email and update your family and friends on the growth of your bundle of joy.

    Monthly Baby Stickers
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