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  • Andy Lynch Photography


    We are Andy and Harmony Lynch from Andy Lynch Wedding Photography. We have been taking pictures together since we met 15 years ago! We have our unique styles and love bringing that diversity to each wedding we do.

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    When asked to talk about our “favorites” this wedding has continually been brought up. I could go on about how the ceremony was in a large Seattle church that was beautiful and how the reception was on a westward facing beach with a view of the Space Needle and gorgeous sunset. However, that isn’t what made it so wonderful. I mean, those things all added up, but  it was the generosity and love that every single person who attended had for Sam and Katie.

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    As the priest performed the ceremony he talked about how this was the last wedding he would officiate  and how happy he was to marry Sam and Katie, because he had known them as children and loved seeing them grow. From there we went to the reception on a beach where Katie’s sisters gathered together and cried in joy for her. And then we ended the night with Katie jumping up on a table with her violin and played Irish music with a good friend while Sam taught the entire reception how to river dance. I must say- that is a hard reception to beat!

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    This couple seems to have everything that people search for and really embodies what we love about our job. They are lovely people with exquisite style and truly loving friends.  Congratulations to our friends Sam and Katie - here's to many happy years together!

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  • Heather Fuller Photography


    Hi, I am Heather Fuller, primary photographer at Heather Fuller Photography, a small boutique wedding photography studio located in Central MA.  I started my wedding photography business in 2008 when digital photography was becoming more mainstream for wedding photography.  Prior to that I photographed my fine art work primarily in Film.  I received my B.F.A in photography from the Mass College of Art in Boston, MA.  I utilize my fine art background to create artful documentary photographs of the weddings I capture.  If I were to describe my style to you the best word to describe it would be photojournalistic.  I know word “photojournalism” means a lot of different things to photographers, but the way I shoot is purely documentary in nature with very unobtrusive, hands-off approach to the wedding day.  That being said, I also understand the importance of creating beautiful portraits of couples and their loved ones and that the traditional aspects of the day are crucial as well.  On top of that I adore all the individual details and elements that go into making every wedding unique.  The important thing for me is that the day not be a “photoshoot” but a wonderful bringing together of two families to create a new one, and it is a great honor to get to know those relationships and witness and capture those special moments.  My goal is a beautiful documentation of the wedding day that will serve as a legacy to future generations.


    Most of the weddings I shoot are located in New England, but I am available to travel for destination weddings anywhere in the world.   I love to travel to new locations.  Here are some images from a wedding I photographed at the Publick House Historic Inn in Sturbridge, MA.  A local wedding venue that hosts a large number of wedding each year. You can see more of my work over at my website


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