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  • Courtney June Photography : Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Photography is my passion. I see beauty in the everyday life.
    Everything that surrounds us could be captured and framed at any moment.

    I know it sounds cliche, but I literally love everything about photography. Every session, every couple and every person is different. Each wedding is unique experience. I love meeting new couples and being able to be a part of their day. A day that has one of the biggest impacts and lasting impressions in their lives. Photographing weddings is a feeling that can't be explained. It literally takes my breath away to see how in love couples are and how special this day is to them. One of my favorite parts of a wedding is hearing the couple's vows, especially if they personally wrote them. I am a sucker for tears, and if anyone else is crying during a ceremony or a toast, I have to hold back my own!

    A moment is fleeting but a photo lasts forever.
    - Courtney June

    Molly & Matt’s Wedding

    Minneapolis Marriott Southwest ~ Minnetonka

    Molly and Matt met through a mutual friend, who set up a night out for them to meet. Although things didn’t go exactly as planned. Molly didn’t like the fact that Matt wasn’t as lively as she hoped, he didn’t even like to dance. As the night went on, Molly warmed up to Matt and they ended up deciding to spend more time together and talk the night away. Both Molly and Matt are easy going people with infectious laughs. One of the things they love most about each other is that they enjoy trying new things and how laid back the other is. They enjoyed a mini moon up North to enjoy the fall colors, but this winter they are saying “goodbye” to the cold and headed somewhere tropical!

    minnetonka-minneapolis-marriott-southwest-minneapolis-wedding-photographer-02 minnetonka-minneapolis-marriott-southwest-minneapolis-wedding-photographer-03 minnetonka-minneapolis-marriott-southwest-minneapolis-wedding-photographer-04 minnetonka-minneapolis-marriott-southwest-minneapolis-wedding-photographer-05 minnetonka-minneapolis-marriott-southwest-minneapolis-wedding-photographer-06 minnetonka-minneapolis-marriott-southwest-minneapolis-wedding-photographer-09 minnetonka-minneapolis-marriott-southwest-minneapolis-wedding-photographer-10 minnetonka-minneapolis-marriott-southwest-minneapolis-wedding-photographer-11 minnetonka-minneapolis-marriott-southwest-minneapolis-wedding-photographer-12 minnetonka-minneapolis-marriott-southwest-minneapolis-wedding-photographer-16 minnetonka-minneapolis-marriott-southwest-minneapolis-wedding-photographer-20 minnetonka-minneapolis-marriott-southwest-minneapolis-wedding-photographer-21 minnetonka-minneapolis-marriott-southwest-minneapolis-wedding-photographer-23minnetonka-minneapolis-marriott-southwest-minneapolis-wedding-photographer-22minnetonka-minneapolis-marriott-southwest-minneapolis-wedding-photographer-24 minnetonka-minneapolis-marriott-southwest-minneapolis-wedding-photographer-25  minnetonka-minneapolis-marriott-southwest-minneapolis-wedding-photographer-31 minnetonka-minneapolis-marriott-southwest-minneapolis-wedding-photographer-32 minnetonka-minneapolis-marriott-southwest-minneapolis-wedding-photographer-36minnetonka-minneapolis-marriott-southwest-minneapolis-wedding-photographer-33 minnetonka-minneapolis-marriott-southwest-minneapolis-wedding-photographer-35 minnetonka-minneapolis-marriott-southwest-minneapolis-wedding-photographer-37 minnetonka-minneapolis-marriott-southwest-minneapolis-wedding-photographer-39 minnetonka-minneapolis-marriott-southwest-minneapolis-wedding-photographer-42 minnetonka-minneapolis-marriott-southwest-minneapolis-wedding-photographer-43 minnetonka-minneapolis-marriott-southwest-minneapolis-wedding-photographer-44 minnetonka-minneapolis-marriott-southwest-minneapolis-wedding-photographer-45 minnetonka-minneapolis-marriott-southwest-minneapolis-wedding-photographer-49 minnetonka-minneapolis-marriott-southwest-minneapolis-wedding-photographer-50

    Location: Minneapolis Marriott Southwest  

    Photography: Courtney June Photography

    DJ: Bill Hermann Entertainment

    Wedding Cake: Lunds & Byerly’s 

    Florist: The Vinery Floral 

    Hair: Sanctuary SalonSpa

    COMPANY: Courtney June Photography


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  • Anna Bostwick Photography

    Eastern Washington, specifically Okanogan County, is know for its beautiful blue skies and unlike western Washington, many, many sunny days. When the bride and groom booked their wedding with me I thought September would be nothing but fabulous weather! Well... we had great weather but we also had fire and lots of it.

    Blog Image 3

    The bride and groom were very excited to be married and nothing was going to stop them. Their personalities allowed for a fun and creative type of photo shoot.

    In addition to being a photographer my husband and I are also volunteer firefighters in north central Washington. I cannot begin to tell you how worried I was that this wedding was going to be challenged. However, being a firefighter allowed me to keep constant track of where the fire was headed and how it was being dealt with.

    Blog Image 5

    Three days before the wedding the fires subsided and Veranda Beach, found along the Canadian border just outside of Oroville, was spared.

    Blog Image 4

    The wedding day arrived and the bride and groom were relaxed and ready for their big day! Looking around you would never know fire was virtually everywhere, in every direction just a few short days before. The skies were blue, it was 100 degrees out, and this wedding was hands down one of the best and most fun for me. The only challenge we had was keeping the bride and groom from seeing each other before the "hitch".

    Blog Image 6

    This wedding was so much fun, you could feel the adventure before it even began! From the moment I met them they talked with such love and respect for each other. They wanted their day to be about close friends and family and that is exactly what they got! Their friends were fun to be around - clearly had known each other for a while and loved the bride and groom to be! And their family members were so very thoughtful with their words and actions. It was truly a delight to photograph them all and help them begin their life together.

    Blog Image 7

    I am passionate about photography because of the honesty that stands behind it. On your wedding day I begin your story... the story of the love you share with your partner, the love you have for your family and friends, the excitement, the nervousness, the details that went into the day, and the timeless passion that you feel for each other.

    COMPANY: Anna Bostwick Photography


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  • Holly Kiker Photography: Redding, California

    I am so lucky to be able to photograph amazing weddings in beautiful Northern California. Our area has so many amazing venues and vendors that help make weddings incredible!

    This wedding was no exception!

    It was hot.. and it was humid.. But nothing could take away from this beautiful wedding day! Gover Ranch in Anderson, California, was the perfect backdrop for the day!

    This fun couple spent the day preparing for their wedding with their closest family and friends. The two chose to spend a private moment together prior to the ceremony and their reactions to seeing each other were filled with love. I always love when a couple opts for a First-Look before the ceremony!

    gover_wedding_mcrae_web_0007 gover_wedding_mcrae_web_0026 gover_wedding_mcrae_web_0016

    Not only does this venue have beautiful gardens, but an orchard as well! What more could a photographer want?!


    I love this moment of pure happiness from the newlyweds as they make their way down the aisle as Mr. and Mrs. :)


    This was one of my favorite weddings to photograph and I am so happy to be able to share it!

    COMPANY: Holly Kiker Photography


    SOCIAL: facebook, instagram

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