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  • Upper Shirley Vineyards: The Wedding Venue Thats "Got You"

    Upper Shirley Vineyards is truly a magical place. You feel it when you pull up to the historic estate, when you step onto its magnificent riverside grounds full of pastures and vineyards, and when you enter its majestic Low Country-style winery. Here, time seems to slow down to a leisurely pace, while the laughter flows faster and the tension of our lives dissipates. When I left a corporate career to be a part of this idyllic setting, it was the start of my dream job.

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  • An Intimate Oceanside Wedding | Purposefully Given Photography

    There is one word that describes this Florida wedding: unpredictable. While the bride and groom originally anticipated saying their vows in rays of sunshine and doing their first dances out on an elegant patio, they received the opposite. Three days before their expected wedding date, I got a phone call from the bride who was sweetly trying to keep a positive attitude about the monsoon coming their way while more than likely panicking on the inside. Thankfully, it was planned to be an intimate ceremony with only family attending, so they were able to have flexibility and change the ceremony to Friday rather than Saturday as planned. I was grateful to have the same flexibility to make the trip earlier! After photographing weddings for many years, I believe the couples who handle the unpredictability in their wedding day with grace are the most prepared for the marriage that awaits them after.

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  • Mariah Maude Photography | Adventure in the Fields & Woods

    At my family’s cabin in central Wisconsin, I always find so much beauty surrounding me at this second home of mine. The wispy, peaceful fields give way to tall mysterious pines and the blissful, sparkling, blue-green lake. While growing up here, I acquired my love for this landscape; it continues to inspire me to use this setting for my photography. A favorite and memorable photo shoot is the one I did of Emma’s senior portraits. I have known her since she was born; our families are long-time friends. Emma is an artistic, smart, comedic, cheery, caring, gorgeous girl, and I wanted my photos to showcase that. I tried to capture a variety of shots — some that showed her serious and artsy side, and some that showed her lively and joyful side.

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