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  • Susie Lacocque - Chicago Wedding Photographer

    My love for photography started in a darkroom workshop in 7th grade and my main subjects were my cats and any other animal I could get to sit still long enough. Though I knew I had a love for photos, I also knew that society expects you to get a “real” degree if you want to be successful. I attended college in Southern California, and interned on Capitol Hill.

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  • Writing With Light: Kaitlin Tomas Photography

    As a mindfulness exercise, I admire my commute to work (since I have a day job alongside my business), enjoying the beauty along the way. I live in a sleepy little farm town neighboring the city where I work. The pastures, barns, old plantations and rolling hills are picturesque. I love to see how the time of day highlights different features of the land where the light hits.

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  • Planning a Team Member's Wedding

    15 years... 2019 will mark our 15th anniversary of planning spectacular weddings and events in New England. It’s hard to believe that much time as passed. We've watched technology grow, trends change (and come full circle… hello again, coral!), and our team grow and evolve.  We wouldn’t change a second of our experience and are still fully in love with what we do! Planning a wedding is one of the most rewarding careers out there. The fact that couples trust us to assist in planning and executing one of the most important days of their lives is not something we take lightly. But we are nothing without our team!

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