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  • Jordan Katz Media

    Photography has been a passion of mine since I found an old polaroid in my parent's hall closet as a kid. I've always loved to document, and I love to feel every experience I have to the fullest. As I grew up, I traveled and became a journalist. Photography became a way for me not only to report, but it continued to be a way for me to experience the world.

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  • Montana Lifestyle Newborn Photography | Bridgette Pence Photography

    Lifestyle Newborn Photographer in Great Falls, Montana

    Being a mother of two young (ish) children, I'm always surprised at how I feel when I'm around newborns.  When I look at those tiny hands and feet, smell that newborn smell, watch those sweet little yawns and whimpers...I am immediately in awe.  Almost like I've never had two of my own.  Or maybe because I've had two of my own.  What is it about those teeny tiny little ones that can keep us staring at them...for hours...just watching in wonder? It's truly amazing.  THEY are amazing.  And my "job" is amazing.

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  • Carmel Valley Wedding Photographer at Gardener Ranch

    After photographing more than 150 weddings over the past 7 years, I've created a style that is as timeless as art, documented for generations and beautiful in it's nature. My job is so much more than creating beautiful pictures, it's encapsulating moments in time from one of the most memorable days of your lives. My name is Majesta and I'm a wedding and lifestyle portrait photographer.

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