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  • Megan Sperry Photography II Omaha, Nebraska


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    Hi everyone! I am so excited to share my art with you. I am a mom of two living the good life in Omaha, Nebraska. I started my business two years ago for two reasons. First of all, i was looking for somewhere to direct my creative energy. I love being a mom, those two cuties below are my inspiration. In addition to loving them, I discovered that creating makes a part of my soul come alive and I really enjoy seeing the story being told within a finished collection.

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    Secondly, I love capturing the moment. For as long as I can remember I have always been trying to capture someone smiling, crying, jumping, ...or basically showing any type of emotion while engaging with life.

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    For me that is the biggest reward, being able to capture the moments of individuals lives and giving them a piece of life that can last forever. I love using natural light especially in nature. I am a sucker for a romantic shot. I love the "details" shots; drool falling down a babies chin, a toddlers grip on their momma, a lovers hand touching his beloveds face. I want to create pictures that take a person back to the day, pictures that are so rich with life that a person feels like they are inside that photo, that moment,all over again.


    Every session is different because every client is different. I invite people to just "be" when they are around me. Sure we will take a few shots where the individuals are looking at me and smiling. However we are going to also spend a lot of time not looking directly at the camera. If there are children I encourage the family to play, whisper to each other, give hugs and kisses, and run around. If I am working with a newly engaged couple or bride and grooms I tend to give them poses and then invite them to move around in them. I say, "Ok guys, feel free to kiss, touch each others faces, hug, hold hands....kiss some more! Just be in this moment together."

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    Recently I got to shoot my first fully outdoor wedding. This wedding was a game changer for me, because I fell in love with the whole experience. Previously, all the weddings I had shot were done indoors. For this one, I was with the couple for the entire day and I love love LOVED it, did I mention that?

    It was a fall wedding. Themes of fall, Disney, halloween, and dramatic beauty can be seen throughout the day.

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    The First Look

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    All of their nieces and nephews dressed up as Disney princes and princesses.

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    Grandma and Grandpa

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    If you love a good story being told through photographs, the imperfections of life, the beauty of little moments and having pictures taken, then I would love to hear from you! Visit my website  to learn more! Im willing to meet you anywhere! Also you can check out my Facebook page here!

    Here is to forever!

    COMPANY: Megan Sperry Photography


    SOCIAL: Facebook

  • Shelby Leigh Photography || Oklahoma City || Family Photographer


    Hey y'all! I am Shelby with Shelby Leigh Photography, based out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I service the surrounding metro areas, including OKC, Moore, Norman, Edmond, Mustang, and Yukon. I am so honored to have been asked to submit a session with Basic Invite as a featured photographer! When initially asked, I had a different session in mind to share with y'all, and then this gorgeous family cotton field session was scheduled! After the session was done, I knew this was the one. What's not to love about a cotton field session at golden hour?

    As you can see from the images, we had a wonderful time in Mustang, Oklahoma at this beautiful cotton field. Now, y'all, I'm from the South, but I did not know that cotton was in these parts! I loved the cotton sessions that I did in Montgomery, Alabama, and was so sad when we had to leave...but thankfully, with the help of various photography peers, we were able to locate this one, and we fell in love. So thankful that Oklahoma City photographers have been so very kind and open to encouraging and raising one another up - I know not all places or photographers have this level of generosity, but I'm thankful Oklahoma does!

    This golden, sunset cotton field session was a combination of lifestyle and portraiture, which is how I describe my style. I hope to capture not only "posed" moments, but I also try to have my clients interact with one another, naturally, so that when the images are viewed, the observer can feel a true connection between the subjects. My goal is to create a sense of "presence" of being in the moment for years to come for the viewer. I truly believe that pictures should not only be captured, but cherished, and though posed images are always beautiful to see, lifestyle captures almost make you feel like you are there with the subjects, feeling their emotion; that feeling is what will be cherished.

    I hope you enjoy the session below with this gorgeous family, and if you are interested in a session, and are in the Oklahoma City area, please feel free to contact me at Shelby Leigh Photography. My range of work includes family sessions, maternity, birth, and newborn, both in natural light and in studio, as well as lifestyle and portraiture.

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    Thank you all so much, and to see more of my portfolio, you can find me over at the following: Facebook:  Shelby Leigh Photography Website/Blog:

    I also help run an online Facebook community, called By HeArt, where I spend a lot of time and at our private Sister Page, Artists Inspired.

    Thank you so much to Hayley and Tasia who have been instrumental in allowing me the opportunity to share this session with you! Thankful to be a part of the Basic Invite family as an affiliate, and look forward to popping in again in the future!


    Shelby Leigh Photography


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