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  • Infinite Creations | Putting Thought into Detail | Miami

    There is no greater feeling on Earth than being able to make someone smile with a photograph.

    When everyone today has a camera in their pockets, it’s easy to undervalue something as “simple” as a picture. Every second millions of photos are taken. The “special” feeling once attached to them decades ago, is not so common anymore. And for this reason, we photograph weddings—to capture moments in time that possess that very feeling. Moments that go by way too fast too even remember properly. At a wedding there are so many events taking place; so many smiles; so many laughs; and so many tears. Quite frankly, it’s overwhelming. But this is why it is our pleasure to find these moments and be able to show the bride and groom everything they didn’t see that day.

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  • Angela Elisabeth | Real Portraits for Real Personalities | Los Angeles

    An image by Angela Elisabeth Portraits

    Making portraits has been a passion of mine forever! It all started in high school with a Canon A-1 camera and too many rolls of film. I must have over 50 pages of negatives in my archive book of friends and family. Each one is a photo of someone who has been a part of my life, a piece of my memories. After over 20 years I have a few external drives FULL of portraits.

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  • Tell Your Story: Beyond the Head Shot

    I've been a portrait photographer since 2003. Several years ago, I decided to narrow my specialty to Professional Branding. This has allowed me to deepen my connection with clients. Every session begins with an in-depth interview with the client, and frequently their web designer. Together, we craft a list of images that visually convey the spirit of the client, and their business.

    One of my favorite sessions, was done recently with Heather Wright. She is a brilliant architect, and interested in offering her creativity and skills to the "everyday person" -- not just high-end clientele. She also has a passion for green/eco-design. She is incredibly smart and professional, as well as warm and easy-going. We wanted to show all the aspects of her personality in our photo session.

    We had three styling changes: The first one was to show her working with a client, presenting her ideas / drafts in a more professional wardrobe. Next, we headed outdoors in more casual dress to convey her interest in environmentalism. We concluded with a final wardrobe change, and walking down the street to a clients' home--something that happens a lot for Heather. The photos convey both professionalism and her approach-ability. Both the designer and I know that by seeing these images, potential clients will want to read more about Heather and how to obtain her services.

    Heather wanted to convey that she visits clients, hence this warm shot of her in a neighborhood.

    Heather is young, but full of experience. She also wanted to convey her warm personality and her incredible professionalism.


    Strong images not only  help potential clients visually understand Heather's approachability, and professionalism, but they serve to underscore the messaging of her brand.

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