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  • Family is Forever-Forever After Photography

    hello!  I am Stephanie...  a Southern California girl, a blessed wife, a lucky mama to a beautiful baby girl, a dreamer, a creator, and a photographer.

    Being a daughter to a single mother taught me at a very young age, to work hard for what you want and to never stop dreaming. I picked up my first camera at the age of 8. I would run around the house telling my family to smile. High school is where I really started to see that I had a future in photography.

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  • Seattle Wedding Photographer / Tacoma Wedding Photographer Aika Foz Photography | Modern Winter Bride

    My dad always had his camera ready, recording every special moment in our family. Because of my dad, we always had lots of family home videos and photo albums to relive these moments over and over again. And I LOVED that. You can say the apple didn’t fall far from the tree because my love for photography began when I was very young.

    Using my birthday money, I bought my first camera when I was 9 years old. It was a film camera and boy, did I take that camera with me everywhere. I made sure to always bring several rolls of film with me. The excitement always came when I would take my photos to be developed. With each photo, I was able to relive the laughs and smiles.

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  • Events by Sorrell: Wedding Details

    Details are the most overlooked yet vital aspect of the wedding planning process. Even from the font and layout of the wedding invitation, a couple is setting up the expectations of their future guests and the design of the event itself. Putting all of these elements into place is the ultimate way to not only create a gorgeous event, but also the most effective way to personalize a wedding.

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