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  • Picture Perfect Scenery

    Hello everyone! My name is April Cadran of April Cadran Photography and I have been a photographer for as long as I can remember. My interest in photography started during my childhood, not long after I moved from Franklin County, Massachusetts to Orange County, California; the Southern part of the state. Up until age 10, I spent my childhood going to the beach, riding my skateboard, and jumping my banana seat bike off curbs and speed bumps. That was until my grandmother gave me my first camera, a Kodak Disk 4000 and 6 packs of film. It didn't take long for me to outgrow my tiny camera and by age 14, with the help of my mother, I was able to finance a Minolta X-370s 35mm camera with lenses to take photographs of local bands. This was an exciting adventure for me that I have continued to pursue.

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  • Moments That Make The World Stop

    My name is Danielle Glidden Wrigley and I’m the owner of Danielle Glidden Photography based in Columbia, SC. The story about me is a pretty simple one. I was born in New Jersey but moved to South Carolina as a little girl. The South is a beautiful place to live. The culture and the amazing landscapes have shaped who I am as a photographer and how I look at light. The Spanish moss and old oaks of Charleston can impact you down to your core. People would definitely categorize me as a natural light photographer. I really enjoy catching how light can bend, reflect and truly create a blanket around the world we live in. I’ve always seen it as a visual form that represents love for my clients.

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  • Giddy Grins, Tender Kisses, and A Soft Embrace

    Hello, readers!

    I am so honored and grateful for BasicInvite having me here. My name is Holly Goshorn and I am the photographer and Owner of H.G. Photography. I have been a photographer for two years now in the beautiful Greenville, SC where I specialize in portrait photography and wedding photography. Over these last two years I have met many families and couples who have become such a huge supporter in my journey of becoming a photographer. But there is one couple who I have not only gotten the pleasure to photograph but to also have gotten to know them on a more personal level.

    Meet Cameron and Josh!

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