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  • Kristin Clardy Photography

    Hello! I'm Kristin, I'm the girl behind the camera at Kristin Clardy Photography! I have been shooting for 5 years and started when I was a junior in high school. I picked up the camera one day and fell in LOVE! I haven't put it down since! Right now I am a senior (YAY!) studio art major studying the art of photography. I can not wait to graduate and pursue my dream of being a full-time photographer!5

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  • Destination Wedding Photographers

    True husband and wife Destination Wedding Photographers, Summer & Stephen Gossett!

    Hard Rock Casino Punta Cana Wedding | Noveli Wedding Photography

    We are Master Wedding Photographers and are honored with giving couples extraordinary Wedding Photography for over 15 years.

    We both photograph and we L-O-V-E Weddings almost as much as each other! We were both successful Destination Wedding Photographers before we met.  Our style and talent have grown just like our love for each other.

    The unique story of every wedding is captured through the emotion and every moment that is important to our couples. Every image we take is done with purpose and passion because your love story is unique and special.

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    Welcome Friends!

    Let me begin by introducing myself. My name is Krista Davenport and I am an internationally published photographer.  I graduated with my BFA in digital media/photography from the University of Houston. Over the years, my un-categorized works have been displayed in several galleries and exhibitions throughout the Houston area as well as several prestigious venues nationwide. My visual style changes when the wind blows. I am always trying to go above and beyond with landscape and composition, especially with my travel/commercial photography. I am focused on shadows, highlights, lines, and leading the eye around the image.

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