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  • Meghann Rebecca Photography - “Experience” Sessions

    There is nothing harder than getting people, adults and children, to smile and be natural for the camera. Yet it was in becoming a mother to 5 kiddos (then becoming a single mom)  I found I had a talent for making kids show their true, natural beauty for the camera. I discovered my own way of helping them step out of this world and into a place where they feel safe to laugh, to play, and to smile.

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  • Shanti Adames Fine Art Photography


    S H A N T I . A D A M E S

    “You need a hug” - Expressed by a British voice.

    Indeed, years of creativity within we’re looking for the door to oneself. By over the decade that voice of Walter Holmes guided my inner creations to evolve into the physical reality.

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  • Phases to Stunning Wedding Photography

    I photograph about 30 weddings a year. While I talk about being a Spokane Wedding Photographer, Looyenga Photography goes all over the country. We've photographed weddings in Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle  and many other places on the West Coast. But creating stunning wedding photography was never the thing I always wanted to do, it was never that job I always wanted to have. Continue reading

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