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Yourdreamphoto | Napa, Sonoma and San Francisco wedding photography

Hey everyone,

My name is Pavel T. (don’t bother with my last name – it’s just too long and very difficult to pronounce:) and I’m the artist behind Yourdreamphoto. I do wedding photography in and around San Francisco but also all over the world which I’m so grateful for.


When I first came here in 2012 I didn’t have a clue of what I could be doing that I truly loved. And then wedding photography came around – I founded my company right away when I realized that it was something that I loved and wanted to do.


In 2015 I also started using film in my photography which really helped me a lot in evolving as an artist. My style is clean, simple, fresh & classic imagery which reflects my personality and my approach to weddings – they have to be simple and joyful, definitely not something to stress about.


My ideal clients are those who understand the true value of their big day and make it a real celebration. My couples are easy going, friendly and down to earth. They know what they want and put a lot of value into photography – because in the end the pictures are going to be something that the day will be remembered by.

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