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Black and white photo of baby miniature horse sniffing the nose of baby in a pastures

This small handful of photographs I am sharing with you are jewels from many family’s lives.  They are snippets of emotion that reflect how they love each other and how they engage as a family. 

When you browse through old photos, what are you looking for?  Which photos grab your attention first and make you feel something?  The perfectly posed or the single moment captured candidly that can never be duplicated?  What do you hope to pass on to your children when they inherit the legacy that is their family? 

These questions can be answered in a multitude of ways because each of you are unique.  This is the single most reason why I love photographing families.  I come to each session excited because I know this is going to be special.  I know I’m going to immortalize a piece of each family’s life and it will live on forever.

So much about our life flies right past us.  We become so entrenched in the day to day and before you know it your baby has gone from crawling to riding a bike!  You may think to yourself, “I don’t have time to schedule family photos.”  Or, “I have a million and one pictures on my phone, why should I hire someone to take more!”

My answer to you is simple.  In fact, it is a quote from one of my clients:

“This is our history. Every nuance, every freckle, every missing tooth, every tear and smile is who we are individually and collectively. I don’t want to miss any of those things. In fact, I want to be able to go back in time to relive them. One doesn’t realize this in the beginning of parenthood, but this time we have is so fleeting and irreplaceable. Photographs are the only thing I know of that will take me to those dear and treasured places.”

Silly photo of Family of threeBlack & White image of mother holding young daughter gazing at each other Young boy splashing in a water slide Black & white photo of twins running together holding hands along the shore Young siblings standing in a doorway making funny faces Three siblings in a wagon laughing together Color photo of young girl with her hair flowing in the sunlight Black and white photo of newborn baby Family of three plus two dogs walking in a beautiful sunlit forest Black and white photo of young boy glancing from behind a tree

Dear Parents:

If you are a mother or father reading this, including yourselves in your family photos helps to create a complete story.  I’m sure you remember flipping through old photo albums of your parents and grandparents when they were younger.  So many questions about their lives would fill your head.  Your imagination about what their lives were like would spawn your version of their story.

How fun this will be for your children as they become adults with families of their own.  The photo albums you create now will become keepsakes of your life together.  Generations come and go, but the thread that gently ties us together is tangible.  Your well loved photographs will gather you close and help you relive those hurried years, one image at a time.

Family of four playing at the beach together in the fog Black and white photo of father holding young daughter above his head at the beach Young girl swinging with beautiful backlit hair Black and white photo of three siblings sitting on a bench, two of them kissing the cheek of the middle sibling Toddler rolling around in the sand at the beach Black and white photo of mother and young son at the beach Family Photography Black and white photo of toddler playing in a sunlit forest Black and white photo of three siblings laying on their bellies for a photo, which the baby on the backs of the two older ones

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