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Wedding Stationery Checklist

Preparing for your wedding day can be an exciting, yet overwhelming process. However, don‰'t let all the options of wedding stationery worry you because we are here to help! If you‰'re not sure what stationery to include, we have created a stationery checklist of the common (and optional) pieces to order before, during and after the big day. We will also cover the details you will need for each piece to make your wedding stationery experience a breeze!

wedding stationery checklist

This Wedding Stationery Checklist can be downloaded for free on our Printables page.


Once you have found a venue for your ceremony, get started on your save the dates, and wedding invitations. The sooner the better in giving your guests more time and advanced notice about your wedding day.

Engagement Invitations

Engagement Parties are held to announce and celebrate the couple‰'s recent engagement with friends and family.

  • Have the engagement party no later than 3 months after the engagement.
  • Information to include: the names of the couple getting married as well as the date and address. Also be sure to add the name of the host and when to RSVP by.

Be My Bridesmaid Cards (optional)

  • Sending this card to the ladies who you want to be a part of your journey is a special gesture. Be sure to check out our DIY printable Bridesmaids Cards for your special group of ladies.

Save the Date

A Save the Date is sent to everyone who will be invited to the wedding so they can ‰"Save the Date.‰" Aim to have these sent out at least 6 months before the wedding or up to 12 months out for a destination wedding.

  • Types of Save the Dates: Magnet, Photo card, Postcards and E-mail.
  • Information to include: the couple‰'s names, wedding date and the city and state of where the ceremony will be held.
  • If you have a wedding website, add this information to provide your guests with all of the details to prepare for the big day. (optional)


Begin shopping for your Wedding Invitation stationery roughly 8 months out from the wedding day.

Wedding Invitations

This is the key piece to the suite and is a detailed and formal announcement of your wedding day information.

  • Information to include: the names of the couple, wedding day, date and time as well as the venue name and address. Need help with wording? Visit our Stationery Etiquette page
  • Mail your wedding invitations 8 - 10 weeks prior to the wedding date for local weddings and about 12 weeks in advance for destination weddings.

Response cards

A response card is used for your guest to RSVP to your wedding, as well as helps organize your headcount for the reception. The response date should be set about 4 weeks prior to the wedding date.

  • RSVPs can be sent electronically, as a postcard reply or with an envelope for guests to send back to you. TIP: Have your envelopes for the response card pre-addressed and stamped for a quick reply.
  • Information to include: a space for your guests to write their names, accept/decline line, entrÌe selection with a list of entrees for your guests to choose from.

Enclosure cards

An enclosure card is a separate card from the wedding invitation that provides your guests with specific details for the wedding day. Examples of uses for an enclosure card would be:

Reception card - A reception card is included when the wedding ceremony and reception are going to be held in two different locations.

  • Information to include: time, date, venue name and address
  • Attire information

Directions card - A card that includes concise directions as well as any provided transportation service.

  • Information to include: the address for the ceremony and reception and the driving directions to the venues. You can even include a map.
  • If you plan on providing transportation for your guests, be sure to include information such as the pick up/drop off times, location and how transportation will be arriving.

Accommodations card - An accommodation card provides helpful details for out of town guest.

  • Information to include: a list of nearby hotels with the name, address and phone number.
  • For group room blocks, provide the name or code of the discount guests to reference when placing their reservations.

Wedding events card - If you plan on having other activities during your wedding weekend for your guest to attend, an event card should be added to your invitation set.

  • Information to include: a schedule of events with the times, dates and locations.

Belly Bands

Including a belly band is a great way to tie your invitation set together. Belly bands hold together all the components of your wedding invitation suite by completing the look and providing a beautiful presentation!


Begin to order these components once you have mailed out your invitations. Some of the stationery may have to wait until closer to the wedding to order because they may depend on the amount of guest attending.


A wedding program is a detail of information of what is taking place during the wedding. Start working on the details for your program about 1 month prior to the big day.

  • Information to include: Your names and wedding date, the names and titles of the wedding party, order of events, songs/hymns, welcome message, readings, memorials of loved ones.
  • Optional: Include a brief description for those guests who are not familiar with the ceremony rites.
  • Programs can be placed at the guest‰Ûªs seat or laid out decoratively for guests to take.

Place Card/ Table Numbers

Place cards are printed cards that inform guests where to sit at the reception and are placed at the table in front of their seat. A table number is a printed card that designates each table with a number.

  • Be sure to set out the cards early and visible from the entrance of the reception.
  • Include the name of your guest on the place card.
  • Include the table number or name for table numbers.


A menu card is placed at each table for the reception dinner to let guest know what will be served.

  • Include the list of the courses and meals being provided.


You‰'ve said your I do‰'s and finally got hitched, but the last thing to do is to send out your thank you cards to express your gratitude to your guests and vendors.

Thank you cards

Thank you cards are sent to your guests who attending your wedding, vendors who you worked with, and to those who sent gifts.

    • Send thank you notes within 2 weeks after receiving a gift, if it is given before the wedding.
    • Wedding thank you cards can be sent out up to 3 months after the wedding.
    • Be sure to hand write your thank you cards as this makes it personal.

For more helpful guidelines on when to send your Save the Dates, to wording ideas for invitations, guest lists, planning the wedding and more, visit our Wedding Stationery Tips. As your wedding stationer we have the information you‰'re looking for. If you have any questions, contact us, we are always happy to help!

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