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Wedding Photographer: Bride Best Friend

Wedding Photographer: Bride's Best Friend 

Hey Friends! Welcome to my post: Wedding Photographer: Bride's Best FriendGet ready, you're about to get some awesome insights for selecting your wedding photographer. In essence, I've compiled a list of 5 things to look for in a Wedding Photographer. After all, your photographer should become your best friend.... for the big day at least ;).

Let's Talk Wedding

First, let's talk about the wedding itself. One word, STRESSFUL. This is the result of months of planning, phone calls, appointments, and MONEY. Consequently, time and time again, the bride is thrust into a whirlwind of chaos on her wedding day. Her best friends are occupied with makeup and hair, her mother is a crying mess, AND she doesn't have direct access to the love of her life. Surely, it's a disaster waiting to happen right? WRONG. It doesn't have to be that way. Here's why...

Wedding Photographer: Bride's Best Friend

As a wedding photographer, I take pride in my job requirements. Of course photographing the events of the day is job #1. Perhaps though, there is more to it than snapping photo after photo. Think about it, what kind of photographer would I be if I just stopped there?

I have to have a keen sense of the environment. That means paying close attention to detail and the MOOD of the setting. In effect, I have developed a pretty good sense of what the bride needs when she feels utterly overwhelmed. All in all, this might require intervention, pep talks, and lighthearted goofy fun. In fact, you might even get lucky enough to have a wedding photographer who carries some snacks, bobby pins, q-tips, and other random goodies.

All that being said, picking a wedding photographer is tough! There are a lot of different aspects to consider. However, there is a way that you can be completely confident with your choice. Scroll to find out!

5 Tips to Picking your Wedding Photographer

1. Do they know you?

Picking the right photographer starts with a RELATIONSHIP. I'm not talking about the type of friendship that has a long history of countless sleepovers, and family vacations. I'm talking about the seasoned professional you NEED on the biggest day of your life. Then again, a vacation does sound nice hehe. Moreover, your photographer should take the time to get to know the story of you and your future husband. This might look like a consultation appointment, an engagement shoot, a chat on the phone about the details of your relationship, or at a minimum, email communication.

2. Are they qualified?

This is a loaded question. Consider this, your photographer may have amazing photographic skills, but are they personable? Likewise, the qualifications of a wedding photographer extends beyond the camera. You need a team that is great at reading the setting. Someone who is determined to ease the stress of your wedding day by taking care of the little things. To clarify, some qualifications might include: preparedness, flexibility, professionalism, experience.... and, yes, amazing photographic talent ;).

3. How do they handle adverse situations?

Let's face it, sometimes things do not go as planned on the wedding day! Unfortunately, sometimes floral arrangements are the wrong color, the makeup artist is a no show, the bride wakes up with a giant zit, etc.. You would be surprised the kind of things that can "go wrong". The response is usually always panic. However, if you have a photographer that's your "best friend", they will help ease the situation and remind you that the day is not boiled down to flowers, makeup, or blemishes. Correspondingly, your photographer is a professional, and as such, they have been around a wedding or two where things have gone haywire. If you can be confident that you will get this assurance from your photographer, you have chosen wisely.

4. Are they your cheerleader?

You will be in front of the camera A LOT on your big day. In effect, your photographer will be there to capture your most cherished moments. The shots with your real besties, the love of your life, grandma, and everyone in between! Considerably, they should instill a confidence in you that you can do it! Most of my brides fear that they are not "photogenic". As a result, their tendency is embarrassment. HOWEVER, you should not feel a lack of confidence on your wedding day, and the right photographer will make sure that you feel comfortable, beautiful, and flawless all day long. 

5. What does your gut say?

Cue Celine Dion, "Listen to your heeeeeart". In other words, how do you feel about the photographer you're considering? Are they a good match? Above all, you have to listen to your intuition. Evidently, you will find the more trust you have in your photographer, the easier the wedding planning process will be. Additionally, this boost in confidence will affirm your choice when you are overjoyed with the final product.

What do you think? Have you chosen the right photographer for the job!? I'd love to hear your feedback and any additional wedding photographer criteria material qualities you can come up with!

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