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Spring Wedding Colors

As you may already know this spring, wedding colors are bold and beautiful.  I would have never pictured these colors together, but they just bring out the best hues in each other.  When looking through these colors, I just couldn't find a color pallet that I didn't like.  I would say that these colors fit the romantic spring feel that you would look for in a beautiful spring wedding. I had one of the designers here at Basic Invite take Pantone's color trend and make it a little easier to look at. I think you can get a better feel for the color, and find the colors to suit you. I also asked around and found this site where you can take your color and find complementary colors.  I found it to be very helpful and kind of fun.  So if you are unsure of your color choice  and want to look at all the colors that can complement it, check it out: .  Remember to keep hold of the CMYK or the Pantone number.  When printing colors for invitations, this will help your print vendor get the most accurate color on your invitations.

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