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When to send out your thank you cards

You‰'ve exchanged your vows, said your I Do‰'s and finally tied the knot. Now all that‰'s left on your wedding checklist is to thank your guests for making your day so special. Sending out thank you cards may seem like a tedious task but this act will mean a great deal to your friends and family. Mailing out your thank you cards in a quick and timely matter will impress your guests by making them feel acknowledged and appreciated for their time.

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We recommend sending out thank you cards within a 3-month time span, from the day of your wedding. However, if you have been given a gift before the wedding day, a thank you card should be sent within 2 - 3 weeks of receiving it. Think about including the task of sending out thank you cards as a part of your wedding planning process; this will help you stay organized and on top of it!

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When ordering your wedding invitations a good idea would be to also include thank you cards as well so that you will be prepared. Once you have the cards, help organize yourselves, by addressing the thank you cards with the name of the guests who will be attending the wedding as soon as you begin receiving their response cards. If you have a large amount of ‰"thank you‰" cards to send, try to break up the list of writing them by doing one batch at a time each day. Also, be sure to include your partner in on the fun by dividing up the task and having the bride write to her friends and family and the groom to his.

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By planning ahead and staying organized, mailing out thank you cards to your guests will be no trouble at all. Opt to match your cards to your invitations or go with something fun and festive using a photo from the wedding or perhaps even a photo postcard of the two of you on your honeymoon! Your thank you cards can compliment your individual style as a couple. When looking at the list of 100 plus thank you cards, keeping these small steps in mind we hope will help rather than overwhelm you after your special day. If you're not quite sure what to say in a Thank You note, our guide on writing thank you cards will provide you with wonderful ideas.

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