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Ways to word your Save the Date

Save the dates are a fun and exciting way to communicate to your loved ones to plan ahead and mark this special day on their calendar! There are many ways to send your Save the Date, as discussed in our previous blog post Save the Date by Postcard, Magnet or Email‰, but you may now be wondering questions such as ‰"What information should I include on my save the date?‰" or ‰"Do I need to make my Save the Date a formal announcement?" As always, we are here to help, read on for some advice on the in‰'s and outs of Save the Date wording.

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Writing your Save the Dates is simple! The most important details to write on your save the date are:

- Your names: preferably first and last would be helpful for your guests

- The wedding date: It is perfectly acceptable to use informal writing than how you would write your wedding invitations. For example: rather than write the full date out as ‰"the twenty-fourth of June, two thousand and fourteen‰" you may choose to simply put ‰"06.24.14‰" or ‰"June 24, 2014".

- The wedding location: city and state of where you will be married

- Formal Invitation to Follow: This can be placed at the bottom of the card so your guests know that there is more on it‰'s way. Also, do remember announcements should only be sent to those who you will be inviting to your wedding as well.

For those who want to add more, feel free to get creative by adding some personal touches to the design. As this is fun news to share with everyone, you can choose to include the link to your wedding website to keep guests in the loop on event information or even include a quote that is meaningful to the both of you.

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Still having writers block? Check out our Save the Date Wording Guide to help you choose. We have it covered with fun save the date wording examples, from traditional to casual for you to use. Enjoy!

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