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How to Assemble Wedding Invitations

How to Assemble Wedding Invitations

We created this simple little graphic to make it easy to understand how to assemble wedding invitations.  We also have some other wedding etiquette articles you may find useful. This article covers assembly of a basic wedding invitation with enclosures. We also have more detailed information if you would like to know learn how to assemble wedding invitations that may be more complex. Such as how to assemble a wedding invitation with an inner and outer envelope.  

  1. Start by placing the most important piece, your wedding invitation, face up.  We have a large selection of wedding invitations to choose from.Invitation Assembly-1
  2. Place your largest enclosure card directly on top of the wedding invitation.  Both cards should be face up.  With our enclosure cards the directions card is the largest card, as it usually requires the most space for information.Invitation Assembly-2
  3. Continue this process by adding the next largest enclosure, such as an accommodation card.Invitation Assembly-3
  4. The only exception to the enclosure stacking rule regarding sizes, is the RSVP card.  The response card, though it may not be your largest enclosure card, needs to go on top of the entire suite, even smaller enclosure cards.  This is so that the guests are sure to not miss it, as it requires their participation.Invitation Assembly-5
  5. Insert your assembled wedding invitations into the mailing envelope.Invitation Assembly-6
  6. You're all done!  Seal your wedding invitation and place them in the mail.Invitation Assembly-7

Be sure to checkout our wedding invitations.  All of our wedding invitations come with matching fully customizable enclosure cards.  Furthermore, our enclosure cards are all tiered. Meaning they graduate in size from small to large, exposing the heading.  Our wedding invitation suites present themselves beautifully because of this, when your guests remove them from their mailing envelope.

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