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WattPak Studio Wedding Photography by Eric Williams

Why I am a documentary style photographer.  First of all I love taking pictures, there is just something about it that is amazing. I don’t know if it is the technology involved or the smile on my client’s faces but it is amazing. Considering myself a documentary style photographer is a big deal. The approach is different I am there to capture my clients day not just in details but on their faces and its entirety. My clients are always caught up in the details and I tell them the great photo of the day won’t be a detail it will be a person at your wedding if not you experiencing the day. They almost never get it until they see their photos. Their mouth drops open and they always come back with, “I had no idea you even captured that”. I tell them that is why I am there to capture your day.


Clients often tell me to show up for “some” getting ready photos. I tell them there is no such thing as “some” getting ready photos. I just ask what time does your hair and makeup begin and I will be there. I don’t want to miss anything special that may happen during getting ready, this is why I am there. It could be a special relative who just flew in and you have not seen for years walking in the door. I need to photograph these moments for prosperity. So much of today’s wedding photography is staged. Don’t get me started on Pinterest it is all fake staged magazine covers. I shoot real weddings on the fly as it happens capturing real moments. This is my approach to weddings take the best real photographs I can for my clients. I feel less is more when it comes to intervention on your wedding day. I don’t want to interfere with your day, your photography experience should be overwhelmingly positive when it is all said and done.


Why I am a wedding photographer. Well I shoot other things as well but I love clients and weddings are just such a fun positive experience, I truly enjoy it. I am creative and love connecting with people in a positive manner. All of my clients are like family, I treat them no different and want them to remain clients for life. My goal is to make my clients relax and trust me since this is what makes great pictures. I need to see the true emotion on a person’s face for it to make a great picture you will cry over in 20 years when you look at that moment again. That is how I judge my work.

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