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Valley Images Photography - Northern California Destination Photographer

"A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people." - Annie Lebovitz

Truer words have never been spoken. As a photographer you do fall in love with your clients. Their families, their kids, their moments...they're as precious and as special as they come and as a photographer, I'm allowed into that moment and it's impossible not to fall in love with them.

One of my favorite couples that hold a very special place in my heart are Haley and Jim. When I first met Haley and Jim, I could tell right away their love for each other was boundless. No ocean nor forest could keep these two lovebirds apart. Which is why it was so fitting for them to tie the knot on the beach in Big Sur. Where the ocean met the forest.


One of the most memorable moments from the wedding was when I was able to connect the nervous bride-to-be with her sister who was due to give birth any day and was unable to attend the wedding. Last minute jitters had gotten to Haley and the only person who could calm her down was her sister. Being in a remote part of the coast, cell service was unavailable to everyone, I however had wi-fi calling on my phone and with a bridesmaid holding the phone just right, Haley was able to video call her sister. Trying to stay calm and as helpful as I can to all my clients is a huge part of not only who I am as a photographer, but as a person as well.


After the ceremony we took some time to enjoy the scenery and shoot their portraits. As a photographer you're always looking for the right angle and backdrop, but considering this gorgeous couple had chosen one of the most beautiful locations I have ever been to, it made my job easy!

It doesn't matter how many weddings I am honored to photograph, each one is so unique and holds a special place in my mind. Truth be told, it's not uncommon to catch me tearing up! From the initial meeting to the last dance, my couples are given 100% attention and love! Seeing their vision come to life through my photographs makes what I do probably the best job ever.



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