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Unique Wedding Response Card Wording

We‰'ve tackled tips on how to get your guests to RSVP. Now, we‰'d like to take it another step with helping you with fun and creative ways to word your response cards! This not only makes it exciting for your guests to respond but may also help distress you as you work through the stacks of cards you‰'ll receive as well. Below are some suggestions we think you may enjoy.

Aside from the standard response phrases of accepts/regrets, feel free to spice up the wording to fit the excitement of the occasion. Listed are some creative phrases for a response:

  • Happily Accepts / Regretfully Declines
  • Yes, Can‰'t Wait / Darn, Wish We Could
  • Can‰'t wait! / Sad to miss it
  • Ready To Dance / Sorry, My Dance Card Is Full
  • Absolutely! Can't Wait!! / Bummer! Can't make it.
  • Won't Miss It / Will be there in spirit
  • Will be there! / Can't make it!
  • Absolutely / Unfortunately
  • I do / I don't
  • Delighted to attend / Sending Regrets
  • But of course, dear! / We'll be toasting from afar!

Make the cards interactive by allowing your guests to communicate with you, you‰'ll have a blast reading the responses:

Message/Advice to the bride and groom: ::::::_

We promise to dance if you play: ::::::_

Make up a Mad Lib: "Jill and Scott, I‰'m/we‰'re so :___ (adjective) that I/we :__ (will/will not) be able to make it to your wedding. It is going to be so :____ (adjective) to see all the :__ (Noun) and we're so :: (adjective) that we could just :: (adjective).

Again, this not only helps lighten up the wedding planning process but will also delight your guests and make your invitations stand out!

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