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Timothy Bennett | Southern California Wedding Photographer


My name is Timothy Bennett and I'm a wedding and portrait photographer based in Southern California. I have been photographing weddings and portraits for twelve years now and I've enjoyed every single one, however one wedding stands out in my mind and I'm going to tell you why.


About four years ago my niece Sky asked if i would Photograph her wedding, I was honored and immediately told her yes. I was so excited to capture her special day, and to spend the day with family. I explained to Sky that my Photographic style was Photojournalistic with an emphasis on dramatic imagery. I wanted to get an idea of her vision for her Photographs, so i asked her to tell me how she wanted her images to look on her  special day. She told me that she loved my work, and she trusted me to deliver amazing imagery. I was Flattered that she trusted me, and i was determined to deliver an amazing set of images..



Looking back at all of my weddings this has to be one of my favorites, I think its because my clients were family. This wedding had all of the stress and nerves that all weddings have, however this day was different. There was so much love and happiness surrounding me throughout this day, It felt so relaxed, and it was an incredible feeling to have Sky and Will's complete trust with any shot i wanted to attempt. i will never forget it.



Looking back on this day i have nothing but wonderful memories. So if you find yourself in a similar situation, i would say absolutely go for it. Just a few words of advice, make sure you set up a Pinterest mood board and pay attention to the details of that board. Don't assume because you know your family that you know what they want. The last thing i will say is just have fun with it, after all your their family as well so enjoy yourself.


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