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Hi to all the lovely Brides and Brides to be, first I would love to say CONGRATULATIONS to you all!!! As owner and photographer of tiffanydavis PHOTOGRAPHY I am so honored and humbled to be featured as a Basic Invite featured Photographer. I've  been a photographer for a little over five years now and I can say its been the most challenging and rewarding career I have ever had. I have been based out of San Diego California since 2010 and just recently relocated to Southeast Texas right outside of Houston.  Aside from the lifestyle change; I am excited to shoot a different style that still represents You the client and tiffanydavis PHOTOGRAPHY.


This image is one of my favorite of all time it just reminds me of "Old Hollywood"! Its a candid of the bride and groom arriving to their reception. When I seen this frame I knew this would be a great event! This was the youngest couple I have shot and I must admit myself and the first shooter had a great time; they have a beautiful & very welcoming family!

Mr. & Mrs. Macias


These next images are some of my most memorable sessions because they were from an event another photographer and I put together for couples looking to redo formal images. Both couples were awesome and had really great stories. I love these images because we were able to tell a story with just the emotion they put out.

Being a fellow Navy wife I understand the importance of having documented this most special time with your love being that not very much time is spent together so I was very excited to know this was one of our sessions and that the groom would be in full uniform! This was a great day like most in San Diego but it rang as "the" session  because it was on the Beach!  Every couple that I have worked with as first or second shooter has been an amazing one.

Jay & Katlyn

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This couple was great because this was my first same sex session and I must say I am grateful to have been a part of their session. The only thing I feared believe it or not was the posing. I know there could have been a million other things to worry about but me being me that was it. Needless to say the session turned out amazing and I couldn't  have asked for a better turnout.

Mrs. & Mrs. Blackman

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I believe my work is a great example of who I am and how shoot... timeless, colorful, emotional, fun and still evolving. I started out doing it all: families, kids, teens, weddings, headshots, boudoir you name it I was doing it but I realized quickly that I didn't want to be an "everything" photographer. I quickly dropped "everything" and became a Wedding and Boudoir photographer which I love. My goal whether its working with couples on their wedding day or engagement session to working with a new bride for a boudoir gift is to make your experience a one of a kind! I encourage women to be a little sassy and silly just enough to make the most conservative women giggle.

At the end of it all I want you to remember the entire experience not just what's in print.

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